Setting The Boundaries – February 2012 Goal Review

The start of each month is the time I take a look at how I am progressing with my goals for this year. Posting a regular monthly review actually really helps me stick to the discipline of reflecting on how I have used my time, assess decisions I have made and work on ways to improve how I am going.

I didn’t specifically state any key tasks I was doing last month, so will just review in general how I am tracking so far:

 Goals for 2012February Review
1. - Blog- Complete make over of blog, to be completed by March.
- Grow the blog to a business.
Was the core focus for me blog wise in February. All going well, March should see the new design launched - cannot wait!

The redesign is part of my plan to grow the blog into a business.
2. - FamilyReintroduce a regular games night.Regular probably wasn't the best choice of words. We are playing games frequently, but not on the same night / time type of thing.

I have just made a greater effort to find moments across the week when we can play more together as a family.
3. - PartnerWeekend away on our own (carry over from 2011!)No progress on this to date.
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).I have made great in roads to changing the way I eat.

I have an extraordinary love of carbs but have been finding ways to reduce my intake.

Still need to find more lunch ideas to keep me away from eating sandwiches all the time!

Personal Goals – February Review

My biggest learning in February was the power of setting boundaries. I had a great response to my post last month on The Dilemma of Balance. In this post I spoke about not aiming for balance as a goal, but tilting my time and energy to key needs and interests.

I had a couple of emails from readers asking how did I make sure that I didn’t “tilt” too far and neglect particular areas of my life. This is indeed a valid question.

February saw the kids return to school and the family back to school time routines. Working online and from home, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of sneaking time online and I have been guilty of doing this at times when things have been hectic.

For the school terms to ensure I don’t “tilt” too far with my blogging, I have set myself boundaries. I am a creature of habit and these boundaries help shape my daily routines. They are:

  • No online activity until after school drop offs. On mornings when the preschooler is home, no online activity until nap time.
  • Before starting work in the evening all lunch boxes need to be packed, washing up to date and bench tops cleared.

Four weeks into the term and I am really liking the discipline of these boundaries. I feel more organised on the home front, but it has meant I often don’t start on my work until much later. A bonus of this has been that I have had to make some changes to my work flow and get much better at declining opportunities that are offered to me.

Sometimes I have to be forced into a corner before I embrace change!

Personal Goals – Key Tasks For March

 Goals for 2012Key Tasks For March
1. - Blog- Complete make over of blog, to be completed by March.
- Grow the blog to a business.
Implement new design.

Firm up business plan for 2012.
2. - FamilyReintroduce a regular games night.The older boys have not been joining in as much as I would like. I need to be more creative with the games, so they will want to play.
3. - PartnerWeekend away on our own (carry over from 2011!)Lock down a date for when we will do this and explore options for the kids.
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).Find new lunch ideas that do not involve bread!

Do you set yourself boundaries on what you can and can’t do to help manage your time?


  1. says

    What about zucchini slice for lunches?

    Sushi is my lunchtime fav. still full of carbs though.

    Good luck with your boundaries.

    • says

      I did the occasional slice from the one I am made for the kids (but it did have a small amount of pasta in it!)

      I so love not having to think about this type of thing. Just need to find my go to lunch so I can stick to it.

  2. Vicki says

    would love to hear your non-bread lunch options as we are also well over bread/sandwiches! omelettes are a good alternative for us: even tomato, ham and cheese (what you would put into a sandwich) in a omelette is a nice change!

  3. says

    I’m in the midst of resetting my boundaries at the moment. I’ve just commenced p/t study and p/t work – on top of the usual commitments with 4 kids. So my biggest boundary issue at the moment is time management and ensuring that family is still my priority.

    On another note: lunch ideas – I can’t stand sandwiches! But I often have sushi, or vita-wheat lunch slices, wraps, tuna salad…I’m not a big bread fan!

    • says

      My boundaries are really there to keep my family the key focus too.

      I do like the vita weats and someone on twitter suggested wraps, so I will have to give them a try too.

  4. says

    I need to set better boundaries, Nic. Your post is a timely reminder of that. Thank-you. Can’t wait to see your new look. I’m working on one too. The year has got off to a flying start – exciting but taxing as well. x

  5. susan says

    I have purchased a bread maker, so it’s really hard not to eat bread. I also love carbs, esp bread, and potatoes. I have allowed myself to have bread for breakfast and finding alternatives for lunch, still working on the dinner. I have two children on the spectrum so boundaries are really important for me. I always make sure I have time to exercise and read otherwise my reserves deplete.

  6. Jo says

    I too also need to set some more boundaries… Thank you for the reminder.

    I would be interested to hear your view on what the difference between a blog and a business is… Both are commercial enterprises??

  7. says

    Hi Nicole. I’m the opposite of you and have now finally started a blog to complement my business. I find I have so much to do that I often don’t know where to start. It’s a great idea setting realistic daily boundaries. I just hope I can stick to them! BTW, the no thinking lunch for me is leftovers. Boring but VERY convenient.

  8. says

    I like your online boundaries Nicole. Its so tempting to check in and see if there’s any comments or new emails over breakfast and suddenly realise an hour later that you’re due at kinder in 5 minutes!
    I’m getting better at it (slowly). Drawing up a household chores roster has also made a huge difference for me for keeping on top of the house and planning time to cook during the day.

    We regularly make a simple Caesar salad for our non sandwich lunches: cos lettuce, Caesar salad dressing, cooked bacon, medium boiled egg and parmesan cheese. Croutons are optional :-) My husband makes it the night before for his lunchbox – we often cook up enough eggs and bacon for 4 salads and eat it over the week.

    Or perhaps a simple coleslaw with Asian flavoured chicken rissoles.

  9. Dan says

    If you’d like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  10. says

    Hi Nic, good luck focusing on your goals for March. I often have cous cous with chargrilled vegetables and a sprinkling of ras el hanout for lunch. I cook up a batch and it lasts me for a few days. I often cook eggplant, capsicum and zucchini but will add any leftover vegetables as well. The spice makes it a little more interesting, and I add mayonaise or yoghurt as well. I’m not a big sandwich fan either!