Review: 10 Family Goals For 2010

2010 Family Goals

This time last year I set 10 goals that I wanted to achieve for 2010. 2010 has been a very mixed year for me. I have had some amazing things happen for which I am truly grateful. In other ways 2010 has been a tough year, so I am very much looking forward to the fresh start 2011 will bring.

Here is how I fared with my goals this year:

1. Revamp the blog.

Completed! Always more I would like to do, but changing to a premium theme and personalised header was a fantastic move for the blog.

2. Learn the basics on new camera.

Not really, but at least I take the camera of the auto setting now!

3. Learn to say no.

Aussie Bloggers Conference
I have already set my goals for 2011 and will post them next week and one thing I have learnt about setting my yearly goals is I need to make them more specific. It is hard to measure my success for this as I did say yes to quite a few new exciting projects like the Aussie Bloggers Conference, the book and to organising and making cards as a school fundraiser. But I did say no to other opportunities and requests through out the year. So maybe I half achieved this one???

4. Organise photos.

Photos are much more up to date now as I made my way through our back log. I do however take so many photos that this task is always going to be part of my to do list I think.

5. Visit the National Art Gallery.

We made it to the NGV a few of times through out the year which everyone enjoyed. The younger kids particularly enjoyed the addition of Kids Corner to NGV this year. It proved a great way to break up seeing the exhibitions, by giving the kids space to play.

6. Get the kids riding their bikes more.

Hawthorn Velodrome
I found the bike riding with the kids to be a seasonal thing. We rode lots at the start of the year in the warmer months and then this decreased during winter. Now summer is hear again the kids are back on their bikes more.

We did find the Hawthorn velodrome picture above, this year which was a hit with the older boys and they also trained and competed in the Weet Bix TRYathlon giving them motivation to get out on their bikes.

7. See live music.

This is the second year in a row that I have not met this goal. I do love music and seeing live gigs, so I am putting on the list for 2011 too. Third time lucky?

8. Fly to Sydney with the kids.

Sydney Opera House
We made it to Sydney twice this year. In July I took all 5 kids with me and then I went with the three younger kids in September when my beautiful niece was born. We flew with different budget airlines each time and I picked up a few tips for flying with kids on budget airlines.

9. Live in the moment more.

Again this goal is a hard one to measure as it isn’t that specific. Somethings I did well related to this were:

  • moving from multi-tasking to unitasking
  • had an online break for 10 days in the middle of the year

Somethings that I could better at:

  • Going to bed at a reasonable timed. Recently I have been going to bed very very late, meaning that I have been quite tired. Sometimes I have just been getting through the moment!
  • Learning to sit without doing anything else (fold washing, paperwork, write emails etc.

10. Contact our grandparents more.

Significant improvement on last year, but as I worked towards completing the manuscript for the book over the last couple of months, my visits did drop off a bit. I will keep working at this as we are so lucky to still have them with us.

What sort of a year has 2010 been for you?