Are You Coming To The Aussie Bloggers Conference? We Are!!

Aussie Bloggers Conference

As I have mentioned before, I have been working with an amazing group of ladies – Brenda, Veronica, Tina and Karen, over the last couple of months to help organise the Aussie Bloggers Conference (ABC) to be held on Saturday March 19, 2011. We have sold two thirds of our tickets which is truly exciting.

But the question is are you coming??? If you haven’t bought your ticket yet you can do so here. As it states on the ABC website:

It is a day long program aimed at getting bloggers from all over the country together to learn more about blogging, networking and creating great content.

Our conference is open to everyone, however the mum, parenting and personal bloggers are our target audience. You don’t need to have an established blog to attend, new bloggers are more than welcome.

As this is the inaugural ABC we are limited by budget, but we hope that this is an event that will grow in size and audience every year.

Still not sure that ABC is for you?

There has been some talk on twitter and other blogs about bloggers not coming because they feel they may not fit in with the “mummy bloggers”. While there are lots of mummy bloggers coming there are also bloggers from many different niches and there is even a couple of men bloggers too. It is always tricky to categorise a blog with one label, many “mummy bloggers” may also talk about money, fashion, finance etc. A Writer blogger may also talk about their kids, their renovation, their weight loss journey.

I have listed some attendees, to give you an idea of the types of bloggers coming along as there is such fabulous diversity amongst the bloggers attending:

Fashion/Beauty Bloggers like:
Styling You
Mummy of Style and Substance
Pop Couture

Foodie Bloggers like:
Faux Cusine
Frills in The Hills
A Cajun Down Under
the little lioness
Inner Pickle

Infertility Bloggers like:
Crazy Lady Ramblings
Sunny Side Up
Life Of The Bees

Arty Bloggers like:
Frog Ponds Rock

Crafty Bloggers like:
Peskypixie’s Blog
Waste Not Do Want
Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
Retro Mummy
Red Dust Love

Writer bloggers like:
Reading Upside Down
Oh, the Thinks You Can Think
Cooking with too much saltLive First, Write Later
Life In A Pink Fibro
Under The Yardarm
Anj Writes About
Writing Out Loud
Caitlyn Nicholas
Forks In The Road

Law bloggers like:
Caveat Calcei

Human rights bloggers like:
Blak and Black

Motivational Bloggers like:
Aspiring Millionaire

Business Bloggers:
Cristina Romeo
Hunter Organics

And of course some of the best mummy/parenting bloggers in the country!
Sleepless Nights
Planning with Kids
Tina Gray {dot} Me
Miscellaneous Mum
Good Goog
Ah, the possibilities!
Nellbe’s Glutten Free Kitchen
Stuff with Thing
Ramblings from Toushka
Acting like a Mama
The Not Drowning Mother (The NDM)
Squiggle Mum
My Three Ring Circus
Mummy Daze
Baby Mac
Levis Genes
Diminishing Lucy
Yay for Home
Happy Child
Childhood 101
Good Golly Miss Holly!
Maid In Australia
Save Mum’s Sanity
Just Me
Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination
Mothers Matter
Farmers Wifey
And Then There Were Four
So Now What?
Menopausal Mumma
My Kid Is Too Funny
Seven Cherubs
All Consuming
More Than A Mummy
It’s Impossible To Be Unhappy In A Poncho
Fat Mum Slim
Random Ramblings of a SAHM
Mummy Mayhem
Drifting Through Life
The Organised Housewife
The Super Whites
Colour Me Katie
Melbourne Mumma
Help From The Teacher
Singular Insanity
The Muffin Monster Bubbalug Blog
Nappy Daze
Science @ Home
Relish, My Relish
Candy’s Family
Catch The Kids
Natural Transition
Health & Fitness Mum
Raising Ellyanna

We would love to see you there whatever you blog about! Tickets can be purchased here.