Monthly Review, July 2010

As I did a half year review last month, I didn’t post my goals for July, so I will review my stated goals for June.

Review Of Key Tasks For June

My focus was on keeping it simple and balanced for June:

  1. Read one fiction book.
  2. I actually managed to read two! The first one was a book that i read similtaneously with my 11.5 year old son. You can see or review here The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time by Mark Haddon.

    I also read Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. Thanks to my friend Lou for lending me this. Again this a novel without a happy ending. Think the next fiction I read will be a bit more upbeat! If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

  3. Plan a break for me.
  4. I had a wonderful time away in Sydney and thoroughly enjoyed by online break. The time off taught me a few things, which I wrote about in my post What Did I Learn From My Time Off Line?.

  5. Complete blog posting plan.
  6. I have completed by posting plan for the remainder of the year. It was harder than I expected to do, as I had so many fab ideas from readers, ideas of my own and the regular posts that I do and I found it a case of so much to say, so little time (just like real life my husband would say!) .

  7. Spend time on side projects.
  8. While I still don’t have the balance right between blogging activities and projects I have improved my juggling of this. It is going to be a regular task on my monthly goals over the next couple of months. I find by including it in a public forum like this, it increases the accountability that I have for it.

Key Tasks For August

Just want to say that I am completely excited that it is August – last month of winter.

  1. Implement Key Learnings From Problogger Conference.
  2. I will post more about the Problogger Training Day that I attended on Tuesday, but in short it was fantastic. Lots of ideas and tips to implement now, so naturally I will need to write myself up a plan and then work my way through it!

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. We have already made softies, coasters and mini blackboards (tutorial to come on these last two) but my crafting partner Cath and I have been wanting to make something using resin so we will aim to that this month.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. I am incredibly motivated to move a project to completion. My aim this month will be to temper my enthusiasm though and try and get a little more sleep!

  7. Prepare For Garage Sale
  8. We are having a garage sale in early September. I am so looking forward to decluttering in a massive way in the lead up to this. If you have held a garage sale in Melbourne before I would love some tips, as I have never had one before.

How was July for you and what are your plans for August?

Image by dpadua