Christmas Menu Planning

If you are trying to get organised for Christmas, check out my 10 Week Christmas Plan. Only 3 weeks left until Christmas!

We will be in Melbourne for Christmas and spending it with my husband’s family for the main part of the day. I will help with sides and desserts for the kids, so there isn’t much for me to plan for Christmas lunch! 🙂

I will only have one sister to see in Melbourne on Christmas Day, so we will do a Christmas Breakfast. I will keep it pretty simple and serve up a couple of favourites that I know every one likes:

Chicken and Rocket Sandwiches

Chicken and Rocket Sandwiches

Easy Savoury Tarts Christmas

Easy Savoury Tarts

Christmas Reindeer Biscuits

Christmas Reindeer Biscuits

Christmas Menu Plans And Recipes

If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas Lunch, there are some fantastic Christmas Menu plans on the web, with plans that let you know what you should be doing one month, one week, one day out etc. Here are a couple that I liked:

Children’s Christmas Menu Plan
A great menu plan specifically for little ones. Although this is not really for a formal Christmas Lunch or Dinner, there are some fab ideas here that you could add to your Christmas Menu to make it a more kid friendly. If I get time, I would really like to try these very cute Santa Sacks made with filo pastry.

Modern Christmas Menu Plan
This is a Donna Hay Christmas Menu Plan. I have one of her Christmas Recipe Books and her plans for the weeks leading up are fantastic. The stand out characteristic of this one, is that much of the work can be done ahead, so the cook can actually get to enjoy some of the day as well!

Traditional Christmas have an extensive range of Christmas Menu Plans. I loved this one as it actually goes into the detail of a time plan for lunch at 1pm. So it tells you what you need to be doing from 8.45am in the morning on Christmas Day!

Cheat’s Christmas
Simple and full of shortcuts, but will help you put together a feast that still feels very Christmassy!