Monthly Review July/August

Image by Florian

With an intense end to July fitting in all the pre-season training for the 30 Day Challenge, the review for July just slipped from my radar. I really wanted to get back to it this month, because of these two facts which shocked me when I realised them:

    It is only four months until the Christmas!
    I am over halfway in my pregnancy!


Not being too busy.
The less said here the better really. 🙂 I will really get this right in September!

Calm and rested start to term 3.
Went well and will aim for the same for term 4.

Christmas Planning in July
This is moving along nicely. But still have a couple items on the to make list which I would like to make a start on.

Complete the 30 Day Challenge
Completed!!!! Very excited to have kept up with the training and learnt so much.


Not being too busy.
It is funny how I am quite happy to push myself, but I am at the point now where I realise that for me to look after “baby” properly I really need to slow down a little and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Short term plan.
I find that this part of the year seems to fly by for us. We have school holidays coming up later in September, then we start the summer sports, then we start our birthday run again, then school finishes and then it is Christmas.

I feel that I have so many things that I want to achieve by the end of this year (and before baby comes) that I need to spend some time detailing them and planning out how I can achieve this.

Renovate the blog
The blog’s current theme, I chose in May when I moved to hosting the blog myself and it was supposed to be temporary. Nearly four months later, I still have the same theme! I also have a long list of changes that I want to make to improve the blog’s aesthetics and usability.

Get outside more!
During August, every spare moment I had was spent in front of the computer. I love spring and the sun is starting to shine, so I want to make sure I take advantage of this and spend some more time outside. It always makes me feel so much better.

What’s on your list of key things to do for September?