Rotating The Children’s Toys

Back in February I reorganised the children’s toy shelf that we have in the family living area. I had noticed how over the last week or so, the majority of the toys were remaining untouched and the preschooler and toddler were looking for other things to play with.

I try to rotate the toys on a quarterly basis, so today’s rotation was a little over due. The main changes I made were to cater for the new interests of the children.

For the preschooler this meant including:

    – Fruit Counters – for playing shops and explaining basic mathematical concepts like one to one matching and patterns.
    – Dinosaur Dominoes Game – Possum is very into multi player games at the moment, but this is also one that she has made up her own little games to play.

For the toddler I included:

    – Wooden Blocks – he is obsessed with building towers!
    – Cotton Reels – perfect for practising fine motor skills with threading and of course can be stacked as a tower.
    – New Puzzles – changed over the puzzles to dinosaurs and firemen, which will hopefully stimulate his interest in puzzles again.

How do you manage the children’s toy’s at your house?