How To Create A Preschool Writing Box

How To Create A Preschool Writing Box Title

Possum is in four year old kinder this year and has now become very interested in writing. She is writing her name everywhere possible (thankfully only on paper though) and trying to write other things.

To foster this interest I have put together a writing box for Possum, so she can take it off the toy shelf when she wants and practice as much as she likes. At this stage of the writing process the most important skill for her to master is pencil control.

Once a child can make straight and curved marks, he/she may be able to move on to making some symbols. All symbols, both letters and numbers, are made up of straights, curves or a combination of both.

So the writing box doesn’t consist of letter sheets, but sheets with shapes to trace and copy so Possum can practice her curved and straight lines. This will help then to form the letters that she is trying to write. I won’t discourage her from writing letters at the moment, but will simply try and complement this with pencil control practice.

I found some fantastic pre writing sheets at KidZone. I have combined some that I think Possum will like and packaged them into the word document below. This allows me to print out more sheets when she has finished easily and also to print double sided. You can download a copy here:

Pre-writing Practice Worksheets

Other items we include in the Preschool Writing Box are:

  • Large Triangular HB Pencils – This style of pencils are easier for preschoolers to hold and encourage the correct pencil grip.
  • Large Coloured Triangular Pencils – As above
  • Blank paper – For free writing and drawing
  • Scissors – Using scissors helps to strengthen fingers and hands which are helpful to fine motor control. Many of the shapes on these sheets can be cut out once traced and coloured.
  • Paste – Of course once you cut something, you need to paste it somewhere!
  • Coloured paper – for practicing cutting and pasting.

By having this box prepared and available, I find that Possum will do this much more frequently. It is also an activity that she will apply herself to for long periods of time, without any involvement from me!


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    These are great! Thanks PlanningQueen. My daughter is also in 4yo kinder. She is soooo keen to learn to write, so I made her a sheet of the Victorian Cursive Script alphabet to copy. She gets a bit frustrated with it though. After reading your post I think it was probably a bit too advanced for her. This is perfect :-)

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  2. PlanningQueen says

    Thanks Journeyer. I did a similar thing to you with my second child and then worked this system out. Parenting is a constant learning curve for me!

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    Love the writing box idea! My oldest daughter is 4 going on 5 this year. I am homeschooling her so I love reading great ideas! My daughter does like to write letters, but I mostly encourage drawing pictures to help develop the fine motor skill of writing. Like you said, all letters are straight or curved lines and so is drawing.

    Another tip that I heard is to have your child practice drawing circles in a counter-clockwise direction all over a page since that is the direction letters are drawn. :) Happy writing!

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    I had a similar thing last year for M&M, but variety is always good.

    Since M&M has had a year of practice, after school went back I picked up cheap from the newsagent some handwriting books that are state specific for her to practice in.

    I also bought (but could easily make my own) laminated sheets so she can practice and practice, but wipe clean the laminate when she’s done. It works a treat and Kiki is now using them as her practice sheets, as M&M has moved on to a reading/writing workbook (which she loves!)

    I find in pre-school children these things last well, and a $5 investment at the beginning of the year easily lasts all year (as her attention peaks and wanes) and I don’t have sheets of paper all over the house.

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