Tips for saying no without guilt

Tips for saying no without guilt

This is my response to this reader question from last year's annual survey. How do you say no to things without having guilt - requests for play dates, extra curricular activities etc? There were also many other comments and questions around fitting everything in, how many activities should kids … [Read more...]

Monthly review – tips for being a patient parent

tips for being a patient parent

So we are now two months into 2015 and I am still loving having the one goal, a single focus for me. As there is only one thing to think of, I think about it every single day. This is a change from previous years. When I have set multiple goals sometimes making a decision on what to do with my … [Read more...]

How to stay organised

How to stay organised at home

How do you stay organised? This question in various forms is frequently asked of me. In this post Personal Motivation In Motherhood a few years ago, I answered the question from a reader who wanted to know where I got my motivation to actually do what I write about. In last year's survey, in the … [Read more...]

Why am I always rushing?

Why am I always rushing

I'm planned, well organised, know what I want to achieve - but why do I often feel like I am rushing? Rushing to make it to pick up one of the kids from training or getting to a meeting only just on time or just from task to task on my to do list. While I will talk more about it a post later this … [Read more...]

Balancing the needs of the kids

Balancing the needs of the kids

As with a number of posts recently, this topic today is inspired by feedback from the blog annual survey. In the section of the survey where I asked readers if they had a question for me, there were a number of questions around the theme of balancing the kids' needs, like this: How do you … [Read more...]