Visualising the End Result – March 2012 Goal Review


March was a very tumultuous month for me. Lots and lots of good things happened, but I have never had so many technical issues ever on the blog as I had in the month of March.

If you also follow my facebook page, you will have noticed a few inspirational quotes, like the one above posted on the page! Through out the techno troubles I found it really helped to visualise what the end result was I was working towards. In this case it was a more secure site with a fabulous new design.

It didn’t make anything work better or quicker, but it reminded why I needed to persist and stay the course. I am still visualising this at the moment as I await for more changes to kick in behind the scenes so I can implement the new design…..

Personal Goals – March Review

I did however spend more time and emotional energy on the techno stuff, so it did impact on other goals I was trying to achieve.

 Goals for 2012Key Tasks For MarchReview March Activity
1. - Blog- Complete make over of blog, to be completed by March.
- Grow the blog to a business.
Implement new design.

Firm up business plan for 2012.
The design is yet to go on the blog. Due to significant security issues with my host, I needed to changes hosts.

The transfer of the blog from one hosting provider to another is at this stage still not complete. Until this happens I cannot implement the new design :(.
2. - FamilyReintroduce a regular games night.The older boys have not been joining in as much as I would like. I need to be more creative with the games, so they will want to play.Games night just hasn't worked for us. What has worked is a session at some point across the weekend that involves as much physical activity as possible!

So far we have done things like:
- Soccer game
- British bulldog
- Air hockey tournament

These types of activities have been so much fun and enjoyed by all.
3. - PartnerWeekend away on our own (carry over from 2011!)Lock down a date for when we will do this and explore options for the kids.How hard could it possibly be to lock down a date? Not done as yet...... onto next month's task this goes.
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).Find new lunch ideas that do not involve bread!First half of the month was fantastic. As the techno issues engulfed me, I went back to what was easy, what was known and comfort carb eating! Another one for next month as well!

Personal Goals – Key Tasks For April

So with a couple of carry overs from last month, here are my goals for April

 Goals for 2012Key Tasks For April
1. - BlogComplete make over of blog.Implement new design once the set up on the hosting provider.
2. - FamilyReintroduce a regular games night.Make sure there is plenty of time for play when we go away for the school holidays.
3. - PartnerWeekend away on our own (carry over from 2011!)Lock down a date for when we will do this and explore options for the kids. (Again!)
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).Find new lunch ideas that do not involve bread! (Again!)

Do you use visualisation to help you get through tough / frustrating situations?

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  1. says

    I’ve been writing out daily goals for the last couple of weeks and have found I’m accomplishing more, but I like the idea of doing monthly and annual goals, as well, so the daily goals support something bigger.

  2. says

    Wow, so impressed with your goals, I really should think more clearly about what I want to get done, I seem to just plod on and get through each day, then look back and wonder where all that time went!

    I love this image in your post. Pinned it :)