Winners and Bloggers


Thanks to everyone who entered my recent give aways, the winners are……….

The winner of the 365 Ways To Make Money Book was Theresa!

Cabochon Rings DIY Kit

The winner of the Jackobindi give away was Deb!

The winner of the The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing by Imogen Lamport was Rebecca!

Simple Meal Planning

The winners of the Plan To Eat Membership were Rebecca and Fleur!

I will email all the winners to arrange delivery of the prizes tomorrow.

Bloggers Brunch

Bloggers brunch
I have had a fantastic couple of days, with speaking engagements at two blogging events. The first was on Friday and was a Bloggers Brunch put on by Christie from Kids Business. I was one of the five speakers who talked on the topic of goals and I focused on blogging goals. It was very inspiring to listen to the other speakers:

After the talks it was lovely to spend time chatting with other bloggers who I have met before and meeting new bloggers. While we spend most of our time communicating on line, bloggers do love in real life meet ups and there is always so much hugging!

Bloggers Brunch
The event was held at Family Life in Grattan Street in Prahran. It is no longer open as a cafe but as a functions venue. It would be a great place to have family friendly event.

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011

Then yesterday I had the pleasure to speak at Nuffnang Blogopolis. I spoke in the first session on Tools of the trade. You can see a full copy of my slides and notes on my other blog – Blog Coaching Boost.

Then I moderated the last session of the day which was a panel of amazing bloggers, Darren Rowse, Helen Yee, Eden Riley and Candice Deville discussing the past, present and future of Blogging In Australia.

Bree from The Blog Stylist live blogged the event and you can see all her notes on the sessions here. I will give you a photo based snap shot of the day!

Fed Square
Felt very grown up catching a train in on my own to Fed Square. The conference was held at Zinc and was a great venue.

A bit of caffeine to get me going!

Photography Session
Danielle Melnyczenko from Dannimezza and Ming Giang from Eat, Show and Tell presenting the photography session.

Christie from Childhood 101 talking about Blogger Burnout in the Content session.

Darren Rowse talking Blog Branding and Marketing.

I made some Teacup Biscuits and added a business card to them to hand out at the conference. Thanks to Glowless for the photo!

Nuffnang Team
The team at Nuffnang.

Fire display on Southbank as I make my way to post conference drinks.

Showtime Bar
Drinks were held at Showtime at South Wharf. Gorgeous venue, little tricky to find though!

Showtime toilets
Very funky communal wash taps in the toilets at Showtime!

I should now have a photo of very tired and a little fragile me! I had a great day at the conference and had so much fun dancing and partying with bloggers and the Nuffnang crew late into the night.

How was your weekend?


  1. says

    You were fabulous – you have such an enjoyable speaking style. I had such a good time, and glad I got to see you for a brief hug! Sad to have missed the Blogger’s Brunch though <3

  2. Glowless says

    Great weekend, your talks were inspirational and so professional, you’re amazing! loved dancing with you too!!

  3. says

    And here was me feeling sad that I missed the dancing – when I should have been feeling sad I didn’t use the bathroom!! Tres Swisho!!
    Oh it was such a great day – I’m so inspired after hearing all those fantastic speakers (you included naturally!!!).
    Must say, nuffnang really know how to host a conference (and an after-conference-party). Excellent!

  4. says

    Thanks Nicole for all your wonderful words of wisdom at both the bloggers brunch and at Blogopolis. I was particularly inspired by your words on planning and goal setting on Friday and you have motivated me to focus more on what is important for me , my blog and my business. It is so easy to get caught up and distracted by all the “other stuff” that sometimes we lose sight of what we are trying to achieve. Thanks again to you and all the other great speakers x

  5. says

    your presentation was amazing, took lots of notes and have a lot of learning to do! well done! you’re such a natural up there!!!!!


  6. says

    How was my weekend? Well, let’s just say I’m living vicariously through your weekend! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  7. says

    Hi Nicole…I loved hearing you at Blogopolis…and of course having a Bloggy Hug too. Your book is awesome, and a friend of my daughter’s swears your site is used by her A LOT! As for your teensy tiny gift with card…it was my afternoon tea on the plane home to Sydney.
    Let me know if you do have a Sydney signing at Rouse Hill Town Centre’s Dymocks…I’ve become a Reader Reviewer…Thanks for your support too, of a newbie blogger who has THREE blogs…

  8. says

    What an inspiration you are, Nic. Would love to have been at both events to hear you speak. But will make do with popping over and checking out your notes instead.
    I’ve committed myself for the next bloggy event! :)

  9. says

    Nic, as always, was so thrilled to have you participate in the bloggers brunch – great photos and round up! You provided a fantastic burst of inspiration to the mums along with the other ever-fabulous speakers and companies participating. See you at the next brunch if not sooner!

  10. Anita says

    You were wonderful on Saturday morning. And a great moderator, so professional, warm and engaging. You’re a blogging and organizing inspiration to me!


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