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Kylie OfiuToday on the blog I have interview with Kylie Ofiu. Kylie is a stay at home mum of 2 daughters who has set herself the challenge to have $1,000,000 in cash and assets by 2015. From the time she started this challenge, it gave her 289 weeks to become a millionaire. Broken down it meant she needed to go from earning nothing to almost $3500 a week. To see how she is tracking towards her goal, you cna chek out her blog Kylie Ofiu.

One of the ways Kylie will be making money is from her recently published book 365 Ways To Make Money. Kylie tells me a little bit more about the book. Be sure to read to the end of the interview to have a chance of winning your very own copy!

For those who don’t know you Kylie, would you like to give them a little bit of background about yourself and your online presence?

I am a stay at home mum to 2 young girls, who decided one day I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I am 30. I had grown tired of my husband working crazy hours so I set up a blog to track my progress and write about what I was doing from home to make money.

You have just published a book, called 365 Ways To Make Money – who is the target audience for the book?

The target audience is predominately stay at home mums; many of the ideas can be done either part time or from home. But there are ideas in there for everyone from children right through to grandparents.

Like myself, blogging helped you gain a publishing contract.  How did your book come about?

I originally went to write a post called 101 ways to make money and easily thought of 101 ways, so decided to go for 1001 ways. I was planning on turning it into an eBook, but decided to turn it into 2 posts on my blog instead. It was one of my most popular posts. When I signed up for the Aussie Bloggers Conference, Mary Masters, the acquisitions editor from John Wiley Australia saw the name of my blog as an attendee she thought it sounded interesting. When she checked out my blog and saw the 1001 ways to make money post, she didn’t even read the whole thing before contacting me to turn it into a book.

How did you juggle your family, the blog and writing the book?

To be honest, it was not easy. My husband was really supportive and half the book was already written through having done the posts, so it was easier than trying to write the whole manuscript from scratch. I scheduled posts for my blog, so I didn’t really need to think about it much during the time I needed to write the book. I set times when I would work and when we would do family stuff. Being organized was key to be able to get it all done.

What advice do you have for families who are finding it harder to cope with rising grocery bills?

There are many ways to reduce grocery bills such as eat less meat (which does not appeal to most), buy when things are on sale, menu plan and buy in bulk but the biggest thing that has reduced our grocery bill has been going shopping late. I do a menu plan, write my list then go to the shops 30 minutes before it closes. I have a time limit to get in and out which makes me less likely to ‘stroll’ and add things I don’t really need, plus everything is marked down. By coordinating the night I do it with the night the shops change for sales I can usually buy items from both the week before and the week coming.

What are the top five ways you can earn some extra cash while you are at home full time?

It really depends on what skills you have and what you enjoy doing as well as how much time you have to devote to making some extra cash. Making money from home is all about looking at what you can do to fill a need. My top 5 would probably be:

1.)  If you have knowledge about blog backgrounds, designs and setting up blogs there is a huge demand for that kind of work now. There is lots of information on how to do it, so you could teach yourself as well.

2.)  Ironing. Most people hate doing it and everyone I know who has put a sign up at their local shops has ended up with more business than they know what to do with.

3.)  Mending or alterations. If you can sew there is so much work for mending and alterations. I have a few friends who do this and they are heavily booked. Some even make wedding veils as well as altering wedding dresses. There are lots of extras you can add into an alteration service, it need not just be sewing.

4.)  Sell stuff online. It could be your own second hand stuff, other peoples stuff where you take a percentage for selling it for them or it could be things you buy to resell such as books or brand name clothing. You don’t have to sell on eBay, there are many other sites such as gumtree, quicksales or even use social media.

5.)  Use your home either through family day care or getting a boarder/exchange student. With either of these options you need to be comfortable having other people in your home. FDC is a lot of work, but can be very rewarding and is done all from home. Having a boarder you need to set some rules and be ok with someone else who was not raised as you were or live as you do living with you.

365 Ways To Make Money is available in bookstore across Australia. It has a range of ideas for different ways to make money, many which can be done from home. You can choose one idea or combine a few to create multiple income streams. You can order a signed copy from Kylie’s website here ($20 for Australian postal addresses).

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  1. AYNG says

    I just found this website today and I am feeling inspired to get organised and start making money from home!! Thank you!

  2. says

    I’ve been a follower of Kylie’s for a long time and I am so happy for her. She has achieved so much and her hard work is really paying off for her. Well done Kylie!

  3. Shelley says

    Book sounds great – would love to have a read and give it a go…
    Looking for a new direction – it might just be in there….

  4. says

    Great little blog! Found you through FB.

    What a GREAT giveaway! I would love to read this book. I have heard alot of good things about it :))

  5. says

    Great ideas, might even take up ironing to help pay off mortgage! Or just sell all the STUFF we have and dont use.

  6. kirstin says

    Fantastic idea!! Looking forward to reading the book one way or the other and getting inspired! She will make her million I bet

  7. Michelle Cansdale says

    I’m a stay at home mum always looking for ways to make extra money. Kylie sounds like a real inspiration.. having goals (long and short term) are really important to getting you where you need to be. I would love to read Kylie’s book to give me some insight into some ideas to make money to ensure my family have a great life.

  8. says

    Thanks to your site and book, I am working on getting my life organised so I can spend more quality time with my kid’s, but also so I can get back to my blog and attempting to start a career at home, so I can continue to stay at home with them. I want nothing more than being able to stay at home with my family and earn a decent income. Thanks for this opportunity to find some inspiration.

  9. says

    This book looks fantastic. I love how it looks at small things as well that actually seem manageable.

  10. Jacki says

    This book sounds perfect for me! I’ve just decided that I’d like to contribute to the family budget and I need some ideas about where to start! I’m adding this book to my wishlist!

  11. Sharon Cameron says

    So happy this is written by somebody I can relate to! So inspired by the origins of the book. Would love a copy.

  12. Lisel says

    The book sounds great and Kylie sounds inspiring, would love to win a copy. Off to check out her blog now!

  13. Rebecca says

    I also am a stay at home mum, to 3 bouncy boys…I would love some ideas to be able to continue to stay at home and contribute to the family income…would love a read of your book. All the best, a girl needs goals!

  14. spech says

    Truly inspiring! If I don’t win this book it is definately going to be one purchase I’ll be making soon! We could all use some extra $.

  15. Laura says

    Good Luck Kylie!! Sounds like a great read and couldn’t have found it at a better time… Off to her blog:)

  16. Therese says

    Sounds like a great read and something I should do rather than waiting on hubby to bring the cash home

  17. Fiona says

    This is fabulous and I would love to read it. Most times we want everything and think it takes a miracle idea to et there, but if you dream big and take it in small steps anything is possible. Good luck Kylie!

  18. Annelee says

    Would love to win this book, anything to help in this economic climate is a bonus.

  19. Alexandra M says

    A very inspiring story! I’d love to read the book too! Thanks for a great competition! XO

  20. Julie says

    I too am a stay-at-home mum to 3 children and am currently running an ironing service from home that I have just started this year as my youngest child has started school this year. I would love to read Kylie’s book to get more ideas on how to make money from home. Thanks

  21. Alissa says

    Sounds like a lot of great ideas. Well done, awesome goal!!
    Would love to find something that I can do from home that would make a contribution to the family income.

  22. says

    I have read some of Kylie’s ideas for making and saving money on her blog and was fascinated. My friends often tell me I would suit having my own ‘enterprise.’ maybe it’s waiting to be discovered in Kylie’s book. (;

  23. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney says

    I can’t wait to start using her strategies to make money from home.

  24. Samone Bayles says

    Ooh Ive been hearing {reading} alot about kylies book! Have been reading her blog lately too!
    Fingers crossed x.

  25. says

    This was meant to be. I only just read Planning With Kids (about to cook the satay recipe from your blog) and have downloaded some ebooks about wealth. I have a similar goal and have given myself 3 years do complete it.

    To see this come up on email is perfect timing. I’ll be buying copy whether I win or not.

  26. Leanne says

    Congratulations on being a stay at home Mum. The best gift you can give your children is your time, love and attention. For many families sadly this is impossible due to financial constraints but it seems you have set yourself an admirable goal to live on one salary and SAVE. Good luck. I look forward to following your progress.

  27. Lischa says

    Great to read the top five tips, I’m hooked I need to read the book. Thanks for publishing.

  28. Angela says

    I’m now just starting to look at my interests as a stay at home mum with my one child at school. Finding something I will enjoy doing and making some extra cash on the side is definitely worth a look! :)

  29. Maxine says

    Getting a ‘planning with kids’ email of a morning always provides me with the inspiration to to better with my day. This morning was no exception, and the subject was very timely. I am just about to start a laundry service to increase my income. Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. Karlene says

    What a massive goal to set – and well done on your progress so far. I’d love to read the book – one way our family saves money is to borrow books from the library and friends – and they give us so much enjoyment.

  31. Steph says

    Good luck with your goal Kylie. Both you and Nicole really do give stay at home mums inspiration and great ideas to help organise our family. Well done to you and I look forward to reading your book.

  32. Lorelle Warner says

    A very interesting interview and an inspiring goal. I am often trying to think of new ways to make money/save money at home but having a specific financial goal is a great way to put thoughts into action! Good luck Kylie!

  33. says

    I’m full of admiration for your tips- it is a lot of hard work- thrifty, buying in bulk, using your skills- I’d add a small vegetable patch to that as well- love the easily grown lettuces and herbs. Op shopping results in many bargains also.
    Good luck with your goal.

  34. Gin says

    Is the book available on Kindle? I am trying to declutter around here and definitely don’t need any more physical books, but would love to read it.

  35. Nicola says

    Time, energy and lack of sleep are my biggest hurdles at the moment. As a SAHM I’d love to earn some cash from home. I’m going to read Kylie’s blog now for inspiration!

  36. Sarah says

    What a fantastic looking book! I can see I am going to lose hours browsing through your blog!

  37. Alesha McRobertson says

    Fantastic looking book, looking forward to reading it, hopefully it’ll give me some ideas.

  38. Tracy Boulter says

    365 Ways to make Money sounds fantastic am sure it would appeal to all. I know I would find some interesting ideas to help me save. Congrats on your book.

  39. Alice says

    Very inspiring to hear of someone embracing stay-at-home motherhood in such a positive way. Thank you.

  40. Sophia Mason says

    What a lovely interview, thank you. I would love to read this book as I am at a loss as to what I can do to earn money that is during school hours or from home.

  41. Suze says

    I’d love to win a copy of this book – the timing seems perfect – after being a sahm mum for the last 15 years, my youngest is now in grade one and hubby would like me to join the workforce again. My idea is more leaning towards doing something from home. I’ve gotten a few ideas from just the interview in this post already!

  42. Dean Brandt says

    One way for every day of the year.I’ll bet only half of these someone should be able to earn some extra bucks.I look forward to winning this book.

  43. Eva Davis says

    Great blog Kylie! You have motivated me to think outside the norm on generating money… I made $100 just by cleaning out my wardrobe! I now have some very practical tools to make the changes to increase my wealth.

    Best of luck and thank you to Nicole for your inspiration and wonderful blog.

  44. says

    As a stay at home mum of 5 kids I know how hard it can be to cope financially. I’m always looking for ways to earn extra cash. I hope Kylie achieves her goal and wish her all the very best for the future…

  45. says


    Being new to the mothering, blogging and money saving world I am loving reading about the creative ways we are living.

    Well done to Kylie, you set your bar and you are reaching it. I will be following your blog now too. I can’t wait for your next book about being a billionaire.

  46. Lenora Carney says

    Email about this article and book came at a great time. Looking for ways to boost our family income as my husband’s job may not be as secure and we want to save some money towards a long distance trip to see my sick mother. Even if I don’t win I’ll still look into getting this book. Good luck on reaching your goal Kylie will be keeping tabs on your blog to see how its going.

  47. Laura C. says

    With bills continually increasing, and wages not keeping up, this book would be needed in many households!

  48. Blanche says

    I stay home to look after our kids and this is a great tool to help us supplement my husband’s salary to make life’s little luxuries more affordable! Afterall, we all need a holiday sometime!

  49. says

    We have a new means of saving money which may not be the first choice of most – my husband has acquired a gun license (we live on acreage in Tasmania) and has begun shooting the rabbits in our paddocks. So we have a bunny in the oven about once a week. He’s also got a couple of wallabies. Although we’ve cooked and eaten kangaroo meat from the supermarket, we’re not game (no pun intended) to make our own patties JUST yet – working up to it. But it saves on dog food….
    We’ve also changed the type of chooks we keep to ones we can eat, and have begun breeding pigs. So soon I’ll be tying my pinny in a knot in order to make my own prosciutto!
    It’s a sustainable life here in Tassie!

  50. Jenny Scrap says

    Good luck with reaching your goal Kylie. Thanks for sharing your top 5 tips, I am to implement a few to reach a similar goal to yours. Kind Reagrds Jenny :)

  51. Jess says

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Good luck reaching your goal. As a mum at home with four children under school age, I’m looking to find some ways to make money while at home too.

  52. Tracy says

    Wow – amazing, and what an inspiration! Great ideas, and cant wait to read more! Thankyou!

  53. Jessica Smith says

    What a great book idea. With 365 tips in the book there must be something for everyone.

  54. Sarah Morrison says

    Aways wanted to do family day care might just have to look into it a bit more.

  55. Lorin says

    Well done Kylie, I love reading stories about stay at home mums who make it work money wise. We are trying to do just that, but sometimes on one income it’s really hard! might have to have a peek at Kylie’s blog!

  56. JOANNE says

    Currently have 2 young children and am on maternity leave due back to work in around 4 mths. Would love to read this book and maybe get some ideas on how I can achieve this goal. Sounds like an interesting read.

  57. Ashell says

    You have to take the first step in the right direction. Thi book looks like it would help you decide what path to take

  58. Maree M says

    This book could be just what I need. I dont ever want to go back to working in an office and having my kids in care. However, if I dont come up with something soon, I may well find myself back in that situation.

  59. jo says

    This is not only a great read for stay at home mums, but also, those who live in a rural and isolated area. Can’t wait to read it.

  60. jo says

    This will be a great read for not only stay at home mums, but also those who live in rural and isolated areas. Can’t wait to read it.

  61. Sam says

    What a fantastic achievement! Not only to reach your goal of financial security but to have your very own book published. Well done!

  62. Jenny says

    I would love to earn a bit of extra cash – but not if that means more ironing! :) Hopefully there are a few other excellent ideas in the book that I can use. Fantastic goal – to earn a million in 289 weeks – best of luck to her.

  63. Allan says

    I have a lot of respect for people who teach the simple truths about earning/saving money. I’ve become the classic cheapskate : )… always looking for ways to save another $, so I’d love to win Kylie’s book.

  64. Suzie says

    So much out there to buy….BUT what do I really need?
    Got me thinking about a clearance already.
    Better read the book first!

  65. Veronica says

    Time and money poor.
    Need to look at things from a different pespective. Thanks!

  66. Donna Bartlett says

    I would really love to read this book.Well done you should be very proud of what you are achieving.

  67. Kelly says

    She’s an inspiration to all us mums out there! I would love to read what she has to say! Thanks for this giveaway!

  68. Tess Howard says

    Best of luck – inspiration and food for thought from your article. Thank you.

  69. Jenny says

    Knowledge is power… and when it comes to money matters I need knowledge. Thanks for planting the seed.

  70. Karen says

    Been inspired by Kylie to start my own challenge – to donate, sell or throw away 1000 before the end of the financial year. Inspiring lady and would love to win the book.

  71. Laura J says

    I have the same attitude to money. I love seeing it grow and have a great sense of achievement with it. It’s nice to see another young Gen Y serious about their future. Keep it up.

  72. Kylie P says

    Don’t we all need a little help these days – would love the inspiration!!! =)

  73. Liz says

    Thanks for introducing me to Kylie’s blog – I hope she achieves the financial freedom she’s looking for as well as inspiring many others to do the same.

  74. Sally Edwards says

    This is one book I really need, all my kids will be at school next year and I really don’t want to go back to full time work.

  75. Jan Greenwood says

    A book to benefit the whole family. Great for teaching budgeting skills to the teenagers.

  76. tinymama says

    The budget says I need to contribute financially but I love being a stay-at-home mum, any way I can do both would be the answer to my prayers.

  77. Carolyn Bishop says

    This is a book everyone could learn something from as everyone likes their money to go further.

  78. Di says

    Transferring dollars from pocket to bank is easy once you stop buying stuff you don’t really need.

  79. Marlene says

    WHat a wonderful book to help all us stay at home mums come up with extra ways to spoil our kids!

  80. Ingrid Elkner says

    I’m always trying to come up with ways to supplement my uni student income, and living is hard. I have to be creative. A book like this would help endlessly!

  81. Judith Senese says

    I love the challenge, what a great motivator. Also love the idea of the book, which could really come in handy.

  82. Barbara Skanavis says

    WOW! It’s so true what they say “When student is ready, the teacher will appear” I have just spent all week researching different ways to make money from home. And now this book has come along! Thank you universe!

  83. Sue R says

    This book looks amazing, I really need to know how to make money and not waste money.

  84. Christine says

    This is certainly a must read for all the family, with the current state of things we could all do with reading this

  85. Michelle Peters says

    A book I know I will benefit from.
    Just imagine if all us Mum’s were paid for all the work we do in a day…we would all be future millionairs! Nurse, Cook, Cleaner, Driver, the list goes on!

  86. Caroline Nicholls says

    Ok curiosity killed the cat and I would lurve to curl with with this book

  87. penny says

    wow, what a great achievement, this realy inspires me and to know that there are other ways instead of 9-5 , goood luck!

  88. Kazbah says

    WOW you have got my mind ticking with just those 5 suggestions……..I’m in awe and truly inspired! Would LOVE to read some more, Congratulations on such a clever innovative book as well! You go girl!

  89. Amanda Manning says

    This book sounds very interesting. Most of the mums I know have mentioned the same problems as I have:- NEEDING MORE MONEY – WORKING AROUND THE KIDS. I would love to get a hold of this book.

  90. Irena says

    Perfect timing to start reading this book as we are into a new financial year.

    What a great way to start making some money!

  91. Cindy Piggott says

    Thank-you for the opportunity to enter this competition for a book that may change the course of my future.


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