Looking for the ultimate life hack to get organised at home?

It is human nature to look for the ultimate life hack or short cut that will some how find us a spare hour or two in our day or magically organise family life for us. I know I have spent many an hour in my lifetime searching the internet for such a tip or hack when the reality is, if I had spent the time working on the task rather than being on the internet, I would be half way finished!

Yes there are many great tips out there and lessons to be learned from other parents on how to organise the chaos of family life. But mostly it is the basic organisation principles that we already know but just need to apply that will help us the most in the long term.

On the blog and throughout my courses I have a simple philosophy on how I approach family life:

  • Know what it is that I want from family life.
  • Create a rhythm to my days to help me achieve that.
  • Get the family involved.
  • Do what I can to prepare for tasks in advance.
  • Plan in whitespace to allow for the unknown.

There is nothing high tech about the above. This philosophy allows me to build the basic foundations for organising family life. Every time family life starts to feel a little overwhelming or out of control, I go back to these basic principles and check in and see what might need tweaking.

Just as the kids grow, the plans and process we implement at home need to grow and adapt too. That is one of the key reasons I decided to make Planned + Present an e-course where you have lifetime access.

Through out the course I guide you through the Planned + Present workflow which you can see below. The aim of the course is not to tell you that you must organise family life just the way I do – families have personalities of their own and that would never work. But I what do share with you are processes you can use and adapt to suit your family and provide plans/templates you can alter to suit your family.

You then have all the skills and resources to go back to, when like happens to me, family life changes and you need to adjust. Planned + Present isn’t a one off hack or temporary band aid for family organisation. It is a long term strategy that does take time and energy, but it is one that pays huge dividends.

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