5 sustainable gift ideas and a gift idea spreadsheet

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I have three wonderful sisters, the youngest of which is THE MOST organised person I know! It is often around this time of year she will email me asking for ideas on what to get the kids for Christmas!

As a group we decided a few years ago to create a shared spreadsheet where we could list gift ideas for our kids. There is absolutely no obligation to buy from the list, they are just ideas. Sometimes I buy from the list, sometimes I don’t. It is super handy though when I have no idea what to buy a niece or nephew! When we buy from the list we simply cross out what we have bought as soon as we have bought it, so others know not to purchase it.

Below are the instructions and a free template to download, that I shared last year.


I have created a template for you to use if you think this is something that will suit your family. As with the master checklist the spread sheet contains some extra columns for notes etc. To be able to enter into the spreadsheet you will need to click on ‘File’, then ‘make a copy’ to have your own version you can edit.

Click here to download your Christmas gift idea spreadsheet.

To then share this spreadsheet with your broader family, click on the share button in the top right hand corner.


It will then bring up a pop up box for you to enter the email addresses of the people you wish to share the document with. Enter them and click done!


Then your family members can view and edit the document on any device – so even on their phone when they are out shopping!

And in terms of actual gift ideas – I will share a number of gift idea post over the coming weeks. If you have a particular age or person in mind, let me know and I will try and add them into the posts!

5 sustainable gift ideas

This year I am aiming to make the gifts I buy for people at Christmas as sustainable as I can, with a focus on reducing waste, low carbon footprint and being eco friendly. Making gifts is one way to do this and I will share a list of gift ideas you can make soon, but making isn’t for everyone, so here are some ideas to get you thinking!

The Art of the Natural Home Book + Tea Gift Pack

Rebecca Sullivan does some amazing work on living a sustainable life and being creative with what you have at home. Her book The Art of the Natural Home Book is a gorgeous guide for anyone interested in living a simpler, more purposeful life. And if you buy the book from her related website you can buy it as a gift pack which includes 12 sample teas from the Warndu range. Warndu uses Australia’s native plants, nuts, seeds and proteins in their products.

Buy online: $60 including postage The Art of the Natural Home Book + Tea Gift Pack

Baggu – Recycled Cotton Canvas Duck Bag

Not only will this bag mean you won’t need a plastic bag,  but it is made from durable recycled cotton canvas. It comes in a range of colours including white and blue stripes.

Buy online: $59.95 plus postage Baggu – Recycled Cotton Canvas Duck Bag

DIY cleaning kit

If you have someone in your life who is trying to reduce the toxic chemicals they use in their home, you can put together a DIY cleaning kit to help them along their way. After finding out about Living Lightly Home in Alexx Stuart’s Go Low Tox Life e-course I have bought myself some glass spray bottles to make my own cleaners. You can buy a bottle and team it up with some Lavender pure essential oil and then write up some simple recipes for natural cleaners. You can find some great simple DIY cleaner recipes here.

Buy online: $10 plus postage Amber glass spray bottle. I adore how they come packaged without plastic too!

4MyEarth Food Cover Set – Red Gingham

These super cute food covers allow you to keep your food fresh in the fridge or table without having to use plastic wrap. This is a set of four but you can by individually and in different patterns as well.

Buy online: $39.95 plus postage 4MyEarth Food Cover Set – Red Gingham

Honey or even a bee hive!

Backyard Honey is sold across many locations in Melbourne. When you buy the honey it has a street address (no number) on it and lets you know that if you live within a 5km radius, flowers in your garden may have even contributed to the honey! The honey is pure, raw unheated, Kosher Australia approved and no antibiotics or chemicals are used.

For the more adventurous and for a big gift you can even pay for them to become a Backyard Honey hive host. As a Backyard Honey hive hosts you:

  • Receive the first 10kg of honey from the hive.
  • Have the satisfaction of maintaining a viable and disease free bee population.
  • Ensure the pollination of gardens within an 8km radius.
  • Model positive environmental action.
  • Enjoy watching the bees coming and going from the hive as they work.

Check out Backyard Honey for more information here.

Do you keep a list of gift ideas?


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