Easy DIY Christmas gift idea – stationery in a jar

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series, you find the more posts in the series here.


Our daughter loves to give a small gift to her friends for Christmas. We often make something from scratch, but this year as we hosted an 18th and then 13th birthday party at home, we didn’t have the time to make something completely from scratch.

She was keen to still give them something that was personalised and that she had a hand at putting together, so we brainstormed a few ideas and came up with stationery in a jar. Our daughter adores stationery as do many of her friends. The items could be pretty and useful!

You could use any type of jar to make this gift idea really – scrub up and clean any food jars you have and use them if you have some at home. We had this drinking jars left over from my daughter’s 13th birthday party, so chose to use these. You can buy them online or in store from Kmart.

Stationery in a jar IMG_0504

Our daughter had an idea of the colours she wanted and I wanted her to stick to a reasonable budget! We chose items that came in packs so we could split them up amongst the individual jar gifts for her friends. You could choose any stationery items you like but we went with the following which we picked up at Officeworks:

Stationery in a jar IMG_0503

  • Rose gold stationery set – rose gold is the colour of the month at our house so rose gold push pins, rose gold binder clips and rose gold paperclips were perfect.
  • Mini pens – we needed to make sure the pens would fit into the jar easily. We took one of the jars shopping with us so we could check everything would fit.
  • Pagemarkers – all in the colours my daughter wanted and as there are 10 in each pack they were great value.
  • Washi tape – washi tape is excellent for personalising your school stationery, so a fun item to include.
  • Stick it notes – we split up these large stick it note blocks amongst the jars, they have such cute patterns on them!

The 13 year old then had such fun, putting them all together, matching the colours so the jars looks super cute.

Stationery in a jar IMG_0505

I loved watching the joy she had putting these together for her friends and how much thought she put into each jar.

Stationery in a jar IMG_0513



Stationery in a jar IMG_0516

Stationery in a jar IMG_0520

Our daughter made nine stationery in a jar gifts for friends which ended up only costing $6.74 per gift without the jars as we already had them or $8.24 if you factor in the cost of the jar.

Stationery in a jar IMG_0524

Have you made a simple DIY Christmas gift this year?