10 Christmas health and fitness inspired gift ideas

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series, you find the more posts in the series here.


Most of us will have a health and fitness enthusiast in our life. This Christmas Gift Idea list targets these people with a range of gifts to inspire, use and help them take care of themselves.

1. Kettlebell

I was given a Kettlebell a couple of years ago for Christmas and I love it. It is a great piece of fitness equipment as you can use it in many different ways and if you are travelling by car, it doesn’t take up too much room and you can take it away with you. The weight you would buy is dependent on the strength and fitness of the person you had in mind.

You can purchase them online here in a variety of weights and prices. (This is the brand I have.)

2. KeepCup


You can purchase online here for $34.

3. Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Headphones

I received these headphones for a gift and I love them so much! If you have a running friend or partner they will truly love these. No cords, great sound and comes with an armband. Yes they are expensive but totally worth it!

You can purchase online here for $179.95.

4. Oven safe Glasslock container set

If you follow the Planning With Kids Facebook page you will see the photos I post of my weekly food prep sessions. I am in the process of switching from plastic containers to glass containers for a number of reasons particularly the health benefits.

These glass containers ensure prepared food can be safely stored and is not contaminated with unwanted chemicals including BPA, PVC and Pthaltates. They are oven safe up to 230°C (glass base only) and microwave safe without lid (remove lid before heating), top rack dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

You can purchase online here where they are currently on sale for $45.95.

5. Recharge Class Massage Tool

This ball on string is a brilliant little self massage tool that I use for my feet. Keeping your feet healthy is super important for any exercise regime you participate in. It comes in its own little bag and easily packed when you are heading away.

You can purchase online here for $36.

6. Badger Sore Muscle Rub

Badger Sore Muscle Rub is a natural alternative to petrochemical-based rubs. It is made from 100% natural product containing no, petrochemicals, synthetic substances, parabens, GMOs or artificial fragrances and it uses cayenne pepper and ginger gently soothe sore muscles.

You can purchase online here for $21.95.

7. The Art of Fermentation

The Art of Fermentation is a comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation by Sandor Katz. It presents the concepts and processes behind fermentation in ways that are simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, and in-depth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced practitioners.

I have the book on my wish list! I make kombucha and kimchi and would love to learn more about fermenting food, so if you know someone who is into fermentation, this book would be perfect.

You can purchase online here for $49.90.

8. Herbal heat pack

When you push your body hard, you get some aches and pains. This pretty herbal heat pack is perfect for soothing your aches and pains.

You can purchase online here for $35.

9. How Champions Think

How Champions Think takes readers inside the minds of winners in many fields. It explores how to keep the mind from holding you back, whatever your physical gifts or other talents. It’s about how to make a commitment, how to persevere, how to deal with failure. It’s about how to train your mind to create a self-image that promotes confidence and accomplishment.

You can purchase online here for $20.25.

10. Loving Earth crunchy mint raw vegan chocolate

This raw chocolate handmade in Melbourne is super delicious and a perfect gift for those who are eating sugar free, gluten free or dairy free.

You can purchase online here for $7.90.

If you have seen some great ideas online feel free to leave a link in the comments section below!

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