this family life episode 24: on choosing to take a career break

I love this episode as it is me chatting to one of my best friends in the whole wide world Cath! Cath and I grew up together so have know each other pretty much all of our lives. It is a friendship that I adore and cherish.

The reason why I thought Cath would make a great guest on the podcast, (other than she is one of the best people I know), is that Cath has tried pretty much every work and family combo you can think of.

Cath has worked part time at home, part time outside of the home, she has worked full time and this year has chosen to take a career break to allow her to best manage an increased workload with the family. Her daughter has played a leading role in a musical for most of this year. Cath acknowledges that she is in a privileged position to be able to make this choice, but talks about how it wasn’t any easy decision for her to make.

In the podcast she also shares:

  • Benefits of having kids close together and then with a bigger age gap
  • Why her and her partner swapped roles for a year
  • What changes they made when both parents were working full time
  • How they managed school holidays when both working full time (including buying extra leave

Also mentioned

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