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The Super Hero space has long been male dominated, with female Super Hero characters getting much less air time and toy shelf space than their male counterparts. Thankfully this is set to change with the introduction of DC Super Hero Girls.

DC Super Hero Girls have been developed with girls aged 6-10 in mind and feature the female Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Comics universe. We are able to follow them in their teenage years, as they discover their strengths and super powers.

Through story telling in the cartoons, the DC Super Hero Girls show it takes time to build confidence, to discover your unique abilities and that the road to mastery requires work and mistakes will happen along the way.

When kids look around at others achieving, it is easy for them to think “they are naturally good at that and I am not” and while their friends or those they look up to may have natural talent, they have also had to learn the skills and dedicate time to deliberate practice to reach the level they are at.

The DC Super Hero Girls attend Super Hero High and this is exactly what they have to do too. Each of the DC Super Hero Girls have their unique talents and super powers, they have to learn how to use them and spend hours practicing – it doesn’t just automatically come together for them. Persistence is crucial and this is a topic I talk to all my kids about regularly.

While girls aged 6-10 may not come away from an episode, thinking I must keep persisting, they will remember that when Batgirl, went for her flying licence the first time, she failed. Batgirl needed to put in more work practicing and then try again before she finally passed the test and received her licence

Nor may they watch an episode and think problem solving is powerful but they will remember both Batgirl and Supergirl were left with nothing when they didn’t work together and share.

You can watch the cartoons online here – DC Super Hero Girls Season 1 and DC Super Hero Girls Season 2

The Super Hero Girls have their own unique storyline showing how they coped and developed as a teenager, but all of the characters however learn that to reach their true potential they need to:

  • know themselves
  • take action
  • value their strengths
  • take calculated risks

I love that this is an empowering message for girls, it is showing them that they are capable and need to believe in themselves.

The DC Super Hero Girl Characters

DC Super Hero Girls - Dolls

The DC Super Hero Girls are represented with a new artistic style and aesthetic of the DC Comics’ icons and are available as dolls  at all major retailers around Australia . The range includes:

POISON IVY When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she’s finally blossoming into her new life, and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new super powers. She is a garden variety misfit, a scientific genius, shy and idealistic. Her defining characteristics include a toxic touch and she can summon plants.

HARLEY QUINN Harley Quinn (the class clown) she’s a disorganized jokester, but hey, she’s really fun! The resident class clown, Harley, lives for the LOLs and loves playing over-the-top pranks. Keep an eye out for her, she’s a sneaky one. She is quick-witted, fun and unpredictable. Her defining characteristics include being an agile acrobat and quick witted.

BUMBLEBEE Here’s the buzz on Bumblebee (the social butterfly)! Her ability to shrink makes her the perfect Super Hero to secretly find out what Super-Villains are up to without them knowing. It’s how she makes sure her team is never surprised by their plans. She is energetic, outgoing and a tech genius. Her defining characteristics include enhanced strength, flight, and ability to shrink and project sonic blasts.

BATGIRL Batgirl (the technowizard) is ca-rAy-zy smart. In fact, she’s so smart that she got into Super Hero High based on her brain power alone, not her super powers (she wasn’t born with any). When she’s not honing her detective skills, she’s figuring out cool new ways to use her incredible gadgets. She is cool, intelligent and a martial arts expert. Her defining characteristics include computer genius, gymnast, detective and has a photographic memory.

SUPERGIRL Supergirl (the kind one) is so a-dork-able and totally out there (duh, she’s from another planet, you know). She is the most powerful teen on earth…if only she could stop tripping over her own two feet. She is optimistic, super strong and clumsy. Her defining characteristics include super strength, flight, invulnerability, super hearing, X-ray vision and heat vision.

And my personal favourite – Wonder Woman. I loved watching Wonder Woman on TV when I was a kid and always wanted to have a gold head band like she wore!

Wonder woman

WONDER WOMAN Wonder Woman (the leader) or “Wondy” (that’s what her friends call her) was raised on Paradise Island, a place over flowing with female warriors. A natural born leader, it’s her mission to make the entire world a better and safer place. Luckily for the people of Metropolis she’s arriving at just the right time. She is courageous, competent and competitive. Her defining characteristics include super strength, flight, nearly invincible, super-athletic, lasso of truth and bullet-deflecting bracelets.

Knowing your super powers

DC Super Hero Girls IMG_9341Just like the DC Super Hero Girls, it can take our girls a while to find their strengths and discover their true potential. Becoming aware of your strengths enables you to tackle challenges and channel your energies in the right direction for positive outcomes. I recently undertook a positive parenting course at my daughter’s school. It was based on Positive Psychology principles and both my daughter and I undertook a survey to assess our character strengths. We used a free online survey to do this and generate a report of each our 24 character strengths. We only had three character strengths the same in our top 10 and this was a great discussion point for us. Knowing where I differ to my daughter helps me better approach her in challenging situations. As she is now aware of her strengths these are words and terminology I can use with her. Her top 10 character strengths at the time were (they can change over time):

  • Creativity
  • Gratitude
  • Humour
  • Perseverance
  • Humility
  • Zest
  • Bravery
  • Love
  • Teamwork
  • Fairness

I think these are a true reflection of her personality and have found having this information super useful. For example when frustrated with lack of success with the way a school assignment was  working out recently, I reminded her of her character strength of perseverance and how by applying herself to the task even though she was finding it very hard, she would be able to work through it. Persevere she did and had great success with the assignment. When she received it back, I made sure to focus my feedback on her efforts, yes the mark was great, but what I loved most was that she kept at a task that she was struggling with (and therefore not enjoying!) and didn’t give up. As a parent, I need to help her understand her strengths and aid her in developing them to her full potential.

DC Super Hero Girls Power Action Wonder Woman doll  – 10 to giveaway!

DC Super Hero Girls IMG_9342

Thanks to Warner Bros. Consumer Products I have 10 DC Super Hero Girls Power Action Wonder Woman dolls to give away. These fun dolls bring the amazing powers of Wonder Woman to life with sounds, phrases, arm movement and light. With a recommended retail price of $39.99, they are now available from all major retailers in Australia.

To win one of the 10 DC Super Hero Girls Power Action Wonder Woman dolls  complete the form below and tell me what you think is the top character strength of the little girl in your life.

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