this family life episode 11 : on working as a team with your partner

this family life

Well this was a super fun interview to do! It is with my lovely husband Phil. To end season 1 of this family life, I wanted to provide a male perspective on family life, from someone who is involved and contributes to organising and planning for the family. I didn’t have to look far as over the years Phil and I have worked hard to ensure we work together as a team to keep family life organised and harmonious as possible.

It was funny to ask questions that I thought I knew the answers to, but Phil has his own ideas on how we run, so I learnt a little more about us as we talked.

Phil shares his side of things on how our family works and some highlights of the wisdom you will pick up:

  • Tips on getting more hands on as a dad
  • Managing weekend sporting activities with multiple kids
  • Why he now enjoys (for short spells) the opportunity to parent on his own when I travel for work
  • Making time to spend on activities outside the home

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