Planning with Kids at Kikki-K!

I am seriously beyond excited to announce that the Planning with Kids book can be found at the new kikki-K Studio at Chadstone. kikki-K is one of my favourite stores, a place where I can easily spend time wandering around the store soaking up their beautiful stationery and organisational tools. The studio at Chadstone opened this week and is nothing short of amazing.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4703

The studio is the first of its kind in the world.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4704

There are limited-edition products, beautiful workshop tables you can sit down at to write on cards or pull together a mood board, and even real birch trees.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4702

The set up invites you to not only browse the shelves but to sit down and try things out.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4700

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4693

They have extended the range of books they stock at the studio and it is absolutely fabulous to see my book lined up with some of my favourite books of all time (The Power of Habit, Essentialism).

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4680

While the book has a slick new kikki-K designed cover, it is the same book, selling for $22.95. If you are yet to buy the book and are keen to, I would love it if you bought if from kikki-K! With Christmas coming up it could also be a great gift for a mum you know who is keen to organise the chaos of family life.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4682

The younger ones accompanied me to the new Chadstone store and loved the visit as much as I did.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4685

The studio is such a beautiful place to visit.

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4697

kikki-K studio Chadstone IMG_4699

These photos were just taken on my iPhone but you can see more of what the studio looks like in this video from kikki-K. [Click here if you are reading via email]. #kikkikchadstone

Have you visited the kikki-K studio at Chadstone yet?