5 upcycled Christmas gift tag ideas

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series. You can find the rest of the my Christmas planning series here.

Making your own Christmas gift tags is an easy activity to start with if you normally don’t undertake DIY for Christmas. Making your own Christmas gift tags can also be a great way to upcycle materials you have around the house and below are 5 cute ideas for making upcycled gift tags:

1. Cereal box gift tags

cereal box gift tags1
From Upcycle that, a cute way to turn cereal boxes and other supplies you have at home into gift tags.

2. DIY died gift tags

Use cardboard or the backs of old cards to make these pretty died gift tags from Decoist.

3. Stitched gift tags

These stitched gift tags from Tiny Side Kick is a great way to use up material and paper scraps you have at home.

4. Button gift tags

button gift tags
This blog is in German, but you can check out other designs they use to make button gift tags. If you don’t have lots of buttons on hand at home, most op shops sell them by the jar.

5. Recylced cards gift tags

Upcycled Christmas gift tags DSC05109
And last is recycling old Christmas cards to make gift tags like I have done this year.

Do you make your own Christmas gift tags?

5 upcycled Christmas gift tag ideas (p)