How to make an essential oil roll on

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I love essential oils. I use essential oils daily in my oil burner and I have been buying essential oil roll ons for the last couple of years. It occurred to me that I could probably make my roll on myself, so I did some research and found they were indeed easy enough for me to make.

Please note I am not an expert in essential oils and that essential oils can be harmful in the wrong quantities and special precaution should be taken for those who are pregnant and children. Make sure you undertake your own research to ensure safe use of essential oils.

I came across a couple of key posts when undertaking my research, which are definitely worth a read if you are interested in essential oils:

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To make your own essential oil roll on you will need the following:

  • Essential oil blend  or essential oils to blend yourself
  • Carrier oil – I use almond oil, but you can use other carrier oils.
  • Roll on glass bottles – I purchased mine from ebay here.

I used a 10% dilution which worked out to be 10mls almond oil and 20 drops of essential oil. I added the essential oil first then the almond oil. My teaspoon measure had a pouring edge which was helpful for pouring the almond oil into the small bottle.

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You use the roll on on pulse points like wrist, temples, forehead and back of neck.

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The essential oil blend I used was called energy (fitness and mobility) so will make a perfect gift for my active friends (and me of course).

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Happy to have my first handmade Christmas gifts of the year made!

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Do you use essential oils? If so how?