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Changing my plate – follow up

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Since April this year the lovely Katie Rainbird (AKA Katie180) has been sharing tips and strategies with readers on how to make simple changes to their plate to improve their diet. You can read the series here.

I have loved reading the feedback from those who have taken on Katie’s advice – it is inspiring to see people make changes to help them achieve their goals. So today I am sharing some of the feedback we have received. If you have been thinking about making changes, this might give you the push you need to get started!

Thanks so much to Katie for providing your expertise each week. I know many readers look forward to the weekly instalment!

Niki’s day – staying away from sweets

Niki’s goal: Saying no to sweets at work, eating mainly whole foods, lots of veggies. Read the full post here.

Key points from Katie:

I see a lot of baked goods and yes, they are likely good as they are both home made and gluten free BUT they are still cakes and slices where you could otherwise be eating from a variety of snack options including: fresh fruit, fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, rice cakes, nut spreads, hummus, cottage cheese, ricotta, dried fruits and so on….. as you are churning through energy I would like to see high quality sources of carbohydrates, fats and protein.

And I would like to see breakfast earlier in the day, closer to rising and keep it small if you can’t handle a big breakfast early, perhaps just a piece of rice loaf toasted with vanilla bean ricotta with sliced banana. Like I have already mentioned if you like your cake-y breakfasts then bake up some more wholesome options such as my baked porridge.

Feedback from Niki:

Katie’s advice definitely helped, thank you. I am more often than not eating something before work, and have cut back a lot on sweets. I have cut down to one coffee and one tea per day and I am drinking more water. I am including more seeds, especially loving sunflower seeds in my salads. I mostly eat home made, whole food meals and minimal snacks. So I definitely have benefitted from Katie’s advice. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Emma’s day – whole foods approach

Emma’s goal: More variety, add more veggies and whole foods to diet, lose weight. Do I need any supplements? Read the full post here.

Key points from Katie:

  • Higher protein breakfast
  • Adding leafy greens and sprouts to lunch
  • More veggies
  • Apple cider in the water
  • Fish oil supplement

Feedback from Emma:

Since Katie’s review, it is going really well. I’ve started taking the recommended fish oil supplements, and some magnesium to help with the PMS symptoms – bit easier to stomach than the apple cider vinegar. Ive stopped drinking protein drinks and now having eggs for breakfast, or bran or smoothies (invested in the George Foreman smoothie maker as Nic’s recommendation). We have gotten rid of most of the packaged food in the house, and am now making all snacks (oat cookies, choc balls, mini quiches, pita chips) I’ve made her baked beans recipe and watched the poached eggs video (with varying success), all in all, my diet is a lot healthier and I am drinking a lot more water which I’m finding easier to do for some reason. The chips I used to snack on so frequently have now been replaced by air popped pop corn that I make myself and not eating as much of. Feeling a lot lighter and generally better all over.

My exercise has never been an issue its always been the snacking and portion sizes, so I need to continue to be vigilant with this. I love reading these posts and have been getting some great food ideas.

Shirley’s day – reducing carbs (to maintain weight)

Shirley’s goal:Reducing carbs (to maintain weight).   Read the full post here.

Key points from Katie:

Your diet just needs a bit of tweaking. I personally don’t believe that reducing carbs is the key to weight loss, although it is wise to choose good, whole food sources of carbs.

If you’re prone to sinusitis then you could be someone who’d benefit from no dairy and reduced wheat. The inflammation in the sinuses causes them to be swollen and leaky so that pollens and other allergens can get in easier and then you get the runny nose, sneezing and post nasal drip etc. You could try a month of no dairy and wheat whilst also boosting your antioxidants such as vitamin C: buy a good quality vitamin C powder and take it twice daily. Also try a salt water irrigation, whereby you sniff salt water up your nose and blow it back out: this is antimicrobial so will help to eliminate bugs. Or just buy a saline spray and use it throughout the day.

As for lack of energy, I don’t know if you’re a busy mum or have a stressful job, but you do fit a pretty decent amount of exercise into your week! For energy we consider the B-group vitamins, so nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains. But also key to the energy production cycle are minerals such as magnesium, it can’t hurt to try a magnesium powder too: Ethical Nutrients does one.

Feedback from Shirley:

I have changed my diet – usually no dairy and no wheat. And I take high potency vitamin C powder. My sinuses are much better and I can usually smell now, which is great. I generally feel better all round.

Elizabeth’s day – adequate mix of macro and micro nutrients

Elizabeth’s goal: No specific goal but my overall approach is to aim to take in an adequate mix of macro and micro nutrients to be healthy in the short and long term but also to enjoy life which involves eating foods that I enjoy! Read the full post here.

Key points from Katie:

&Michelle I think your diet is alraedy sitting on a good foundation. Small tweaks such as increasing the veggie content of the meals you put veggies in. I can “forgive” white bread as you make it yourself!

You show willpower with your moderate intake of sweets and I think if you do some home baking, stocking up on energy balls / chocolate cubes / muesli bars etc then your snacks are sorted. My BIG focus for you is to increase water, and I’d especially like to see a glass between each glass of wine or stubbie of beer when you drink alcohol.

Feedback from Elizabeth:

I have added chia seeds to my breakfast and I have found them to be a good and easy addition. I have been eating more dried fruit and nut snacks which has reduced my chocolate intake (although some of them do contain chocolate!) Katie’s ‘cherry ripe’ bars are amazing! I have been trying to get more avocado and more nut butter into my home meals but I haven’t been as good on making the effort to flavour my own tuna/salmon/sardines for my work lunches. My aim was to get a good balance of nutrients and, whilst I still have a few areas to work on, I think these tweaks will have helped. Thank you to you and Katie for the opportunity and advice. (For Katie’s interest, my low fat yoghurt is made at home and doesn’t contain any fillers or additional sugar.)

Mia’s day – high energy foods to run around after the little ones

Mia’s goal:  I’m breastfeeding an 8 month year old and running around after a 3 year old, so I’m trying to eat nutritious, high energy foods with a lot of variety across the week. Read the full post here.

Key points from Katie:

Mia your diet is pretty good, I like your whole oats sweetened with maple syrup and your oily fish for dinner with lots of veggies. I can see room for more nutrient dense snacks including fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds

If the spirulina tablets are for iron and you’re mindful of your iron levels then include iron rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, seeds, legumes, dried apricots, dried figs, prunes and of course, lean red meat.

Feedback from MIa:

Thanks for including me! It was great to get some feedback and direction. I just weaned my baby last week and I went back to work 4 months ago. Based on your advice I kicked the fat free dairy desserts and now luxuriate in the odd bowl of full fat ice cream. The spirulina was for protein and Vit B – energy kick – and I still take it. I eat more fruit and Carmen’s muesli bars and cheddar cheese and crackers as snacks at work. My normal work lunch is sushi. My energy levels are pretty good and they’d be better if my preschooler didn’t wake me up every.single.night. Thanks again!

What about you? Have you been reading along and making some changes? If so we would love to hear about it!