Christmas present ideas for health and fitness fanatics

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series. You can find the rest of the series here.


Over the last two years I have really worked on improving my health and fitness and I know I am not the only one. So if you have someone around you who is working on creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves, here are some Christmas present ideas for the health and fitness fanatics in your life!

They start with some big ticket items and go through to mid priced gifts as well as gifts for under $30. (NB. To any of my friends and family reading this list, I would love anything from this list!)

Big ticket Christmas present ideas for health and fitness fanatics

vitamix 750
A blender is a fab gift, not only do they make super smoothies but they are also perfect for making your own nut butters, nut milks, soups, dips and much more. In the blender world there appears to be a few main brands who have their advocates. Those who love Blendtec, those who love Vitamix and those who love the Optimum. I don’t own one but have my eye on the new Vitamix as shown above. Image from Vitamix Australia. You can read more about the brands here:

Price: starts at $790

A GPS running watch is a perfect gift for runners of all abilities. I am currently researching them myself at the moment as I want to purchase one. After speaking to people and reading on the internet, I am leaning towards the Garmin You can read some reviews on running watches here:

Price: starts at $259

massage 640
Remedial massage is a dream come true to a hard core fitness fanatic. None of that soft and gentle massage, this is massage that gets into those tight muscles and make you wince! Check out where your friend/family member has physio/osteo treatment (because they most likely will be!) and see if they have a remedial massage therapist on site. Most centres offer gift vouchers which would make a wonderful present.

Price: starts at $90 – 150 per hour

Mid range Christmas present ideas for health and fitness fanatics

running skirt 500
It was not until I started exercising six days a week did I realise how many sets of exercise gear you need. I am slightly obsessed with Lululemon gear. Most fitness fanatics are so you could pretty much go to a Lululemon store and buy anything and they would be happy, but a personal favourite item of mine is the running skirt. The built in shorts prevent any chaffing issues and they look super cute!

Price: Full price is $75, however if you are in Melbourne head to the Lululemon Outlet store in Collingwood. I have picked up skirts there for $35.

compressions socks
I know you are thinking “socks as a mid ranged priced gift??” Well these socks pictured which I actually own and adore areĀ from 2XU and are $50 a pair. I only own to pairs and would love lots more. You cae read more about compression socks here:

Price: starts at $50
spiralizer 500
This was one of the first kitchen items I bought when I started changing my diet to a more whole food approach. It lets you make zucchini noodles, sweet potato chips and lots more. You can read more about spiralizers here:

Price: starts at $40

operation move
Perhaps your friend or family member is just starting on a fitness and health improvement journey and this gift could help give them a jump start. I have talked about Operation Move before on the blog, they are an gorgeous group of Aussie women who are encouraging other women to just get moving, no matter how fast. Contact the team at #opmove to give a gift of their Get Moving program.

Price: starts at $79

Under $30 Christmas present ideas for health and fitness fanatics

crossfit headband
When you are going to be working up a sweat having a headband to keep your hair off your face is essential. I like these ones from Reebok which are currently on sale from their online store for only half price at $9.99 here.

paleo cook book lizzy marsah
I love the Paleo cook book from Lizzy Marsh, not only does it have great recipes to cook but the first section of the book looks at the science behind the foods we eat, in relation to inflammation, immune response, acid/alkaline balance and it also has a pantry guide and list of tools of the trade. You can see a sneak peak of one of the recipes here and order the cook book online from here.

Price: starts at $12.99


Chocolate is always a great gift, so if you have a friend or family member that has headed down the cane sugar free path check out these lovely chocolates which are personal favourites of mine:

Price: starts at $6.50

What would you add to this list?