Want to update your wardrobe? Come along to the #pwkswap

#pwkswapI am planning to run the Melbourne Marathon again in October. This year I will be fundraising for my run and all the funds I raise will go directly to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). As I do too, the ASRC believe all those seeking asylum in Australia should have their human rights upheld and that those seeking asylum in our community receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently.

What is the #pwkswap?

So to help me raise funds I am holding my first ever meet up. To make it a bit fun I thought we could give our wardrobes a spring clean and then bring along clothes we no longer wear and have a clothes swap.

If you haven’t been to a clothes swap before, they are great fun and the #pwkswap will work like this:

  • You pay an entry fee of $10. All profits will be going to my fundraising for the ASRC.
  • For every item of clothing you bring along (maximum of 5 pieces) you will receive a ticket.
  • Once everyone has checked their clothes in and the clothes have been set up, you will be able to choose clothes to swap with.
  • You can choose an item of clothing for every ticket you have.
  • Once you have all the clothes you wish to take, you hand the ticket in.
  • Then it is time to chat and enjoy some light refreshments.

All items of clothing brought along to swap must be in excellent condition, that means no holes, stains, pilling etc. Please have the clothes freshly washed and ironed.

#pwkswap details

The details for the #pwkswap are as follows:
Date: Friday 10th October
Time: 10.30am – 12pm. Registration and clothes check in will occur from 10.30am until approx 10.45am. The swap itself will start at the completion of the clothes check at approx 10.45.
Cost: $10. Cash only and it would be appreciated if you could bring along exact money.
Venue: Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre – The Cottage
Address: 1 Bedford Ave, Surrey Hills. Map link
Public transport: The Cottage is directly across the road from Surrey Hills train station.

My Melbourne Marathon fundraising page

While on October 12 I will be running for pleasure, there will be those who somewhere around the world will be running away from conflict, persecution or discrimination. Some of those who flee their home countries may end up in Australia to a less than hospitable welcome.

By coming along to the #pwkswap you will be contributing to my fundraising for the ASRC and you will help asylum seekers who do come to Australia to receive aid, support and be welcomed. The ASRC receives almost no government funding and has grown to be Australia’s largest asylum seeker organisation, providing material aid, health, legal, counselling, casework and a foodbank for asylum seekers.

If you don’t live in Melbourne or can’t make it to the #pwkswap you can still contribute to my fundraising. You can find my online fundraising page here.

Thank you for your support and helping to make a difference in the lives of those seeking refuge in Australia.

And I really hope I get to meet some of you in person next month! Let me know in the comments below if you are going to be coming along.