Introducing ecostore

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Introducing the new Planning With Kids sponsor – ecostore.

I am very proud to announce ecostore as a sponsor of Planning With Kids. I have been happily purchasing ecostore products for 15 years now.

My first purchases were all baby care products, which I loved as they were so gentle on baby’s skin and smelled divine. I no longer have need for baby products, but whenever I smell the  beautiful Sleepytime bath oil when visiting friends/family with babies, it takes me instantly back to my first baby in our funny little rental home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. I love how smells can do that do you.

It is ecostore’s household products that are staples in our house now. I especially love how the dishwashing tablets don’t leave chemical residues over all the dishes.

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About ecostore

Malcolm Rands started ecostore with his wife Melanie in the basement of their home in an eco-village in New Zealand in 1993. They had a dream to create a healthier more sustainable world. And through hard work, constant research and development they have grown from selling their products via mail order through a catalogue, to having a range of over 100 products are available in all supermarkets and health stores throughout New Zealand.

Their expansion into Australia has been incredibly successful with the ecostore products available in over 900 supermarkets in Australia, plus outlets in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and supermarket chains in the United States of America including 150 stores in New York city.

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ecostore products

ecostore create plant and mineral based products focusing on looking after the health and wellbeing of people as well as the planet. The product range now includes:

ecostore products are simply and beautifully packaged, but this is done so with full consideration to the environment. They use a mix of recycled and recyclable materials for all their packaging, they offer refills and bulk sizes, water-based adhesive is used to apply labels plus many more initiatives and ongoing research to ensure the environmental footprint of their business is reduced.

A percentage of ecostore profits and other resources go to a not-for-profit called the Fairground Foundation. Its purpose is to create projects that make a difference in people’s lives and to the communities they live in, particularly in the areas of health, culture and sustainability.

In 2011 when I organised the Community Blogging Christmas Event to raise money for two local Melbourne community groups, ecostore were one of the first companies to jump on board to provide sponsorship in terms of product and a monetary donation.

What will you see on the blog?

Creating a cleaning caddy to make cleaning easier and more efficient

ecostore will be sponsoring an upcoming series of posts on the blog and throughout the partnership I will be highlighting ecostore products where relevant, with links to product information on their website. I will be providing information on ecostore products I use and love and also provide opportunities for readers to trial their products.

There will be content on the blog from ecostore. This will be clearly identified as such and will be providing tips and ideas to help protect your health and green up at home.

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You can see examples of ecostore native posts here:

You will also notice on relevant posts, information from ecostore will appear in the blog sidebar, along with a link to their facebook page.

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ecostore is available nationwide in Australia at health food stores, independent supermarkets and Woolworths. You can find out more about ecostore and how to choose safer, healthier home and personal care products for you and your family by visiting ecostore online.

Make sure you sign up to their shoppers club newsletter  so you can find out about more great deals.

Have you heard of ecostore? Do you use their products?