Christmas Themes – Ideas For 2014

This post is part of my Christmas planning in July series.

I love choosing a theme for Christmas. It helps me makes decisions easier. I don’t buy new decorations each year, but try to work with what I have, make some inexpensive handmade decorations and use other household items creatively to fit in with the theme.

The theme allows me not only to decorate the house, but have the family Christmas card, the wrapping paper I use and even some colour accents with the food I prepare.

You can find previous years’ Christmas theme ideas here:

This year I am going to go back to basics with red, green and gold as my theme.

Red, green and gold Christmas theme

I love the simplicity on the bow on this hedge – I just need to have a hedge to put it on!
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5257

Making paper chains are not only an easy and inexpensive way to decorate in your theme colours, but it is also a great way to involve the kids.
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5249

These cute treats are fun for the kids to make and they never last long on the plate. You can see how to make them here.

Clever Kate from Picklebums has a free template you can use with the kids to make some cute wooly decorations for the Christmas tree.

This beautiful table setting is from Coral and Coast. Click here to see more beautiful images of the red and gold Christmas setting.
coastal table

And over at Martha Stewart you can find tutorials on how to make these lovely angels and star decorations to decorate your tree.
red and green christmas tree 640

Yellow Christmas theme

Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim has a great post on how to make your own fun wrap here. It includes links where you can purchase the lovely yellow stickers and paper.
gift wrap chantelle 640.jpg

You can purchase this beautiful yellow felt star garland for $AUD14.80 on Etsy here, or you could have a go at making one yourself!
star garland

I love how the yellow splashes of colour really brighten up this decorated room – from Better Homes and Gardens.
yellow splashes

These potato Christmas trees are so cute! The yellow star is made out of yellow capsicum. You can find the recipe on The Kitchn.
potato christmas trees

This post on Architecture, Art, Design has 33 gorgeous Christmas ornaments you can make including this lovely yellow paper decoration.
christmas deco yellow

Recycled Christmas theme

This blog post is in Spanish, but you can click through to see more photos of this stick Christmas tree here.
stick christmas tree

Abby from Things For Boys has the great idea of using a tea towel for Christmas wrapping. You can see her tutorial here on how to do it neatly.
tea towel gift wrapping

Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy has seven lovely ideas in this post on making food gifts for friends and family and using cute old items to package them up.
a fresh legacy

This gorgeous handmade Christmas wreath is made out of magazine paper. You can find Christie’s tutorial on her fab blog Childhood 101.

A simple way to make place cards using what you can find in your garden. You can find the tutorial from Martha Stewart here.
place card twigs

Have you chosen a theme for Christmas 2014?