Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas You Can Do With The Kids

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas You Can Do With The Kids

This post is part of my 10 Week Christmas Planning Series. Click here to read more posts – Christmas Planning 2013.

I am feeling very festive this Christmas season. We put our Christmas tree up last weekend and this week the kids and I spent time together creating some simple Christmas decorations to add some festiveness to our home.

None of our ideas are fancy, but we think they look pretty good and the best part was we could do them all together. Everyone could participate and it wasn’t too hard for them so as to take the fun out of it.

Christmas ribbons for the trees

Last year a number of houses in our street placed lovely red bows around trees in their front gardens. The kids and I admired them and said we would join in this year.

This week we headed off to Spotlight and bought three metres of red organza. We then cut the fabric into even widths – well as even as my unsteady hand could cut!

Master 12 came up with the idea of using a piece of cardboard to move along the fabric so I would know where I should be cutting.  This worked much better for me than cutting by eye only!
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5239

Together we worked out the height we wanted to place the bows on the trees and those who wanted to, took a piece of organza to tie around a tree.
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5242

And only Melbourne would have a scorching day, one day, with streaming sunlight.
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5244

Followed by a freezing day with pouring rain. At least we know our ribbons withstand any weather!
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5262

Paper Chains

christmas decorating with kids 540

Making paper chains was our 9 year old daughter’s idea. We had made them before and I think I was excited as our daughter to make them as I do love making paper chains. They remind me of my Christmases as a child. We always made them in the last week of school to take home for the tree.

When at IKEA recently I picked up a roll of red and white striped paper (which suited my theme colours for this year) and it was perfect for making paper chains.

The stripes gave the kids lines to cut on.
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5246

We had quite a production line going on and it didn’t take long for us to have a couple of very long chains.
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5249

Hedge Christmas decorating idea

Now this is not our hedge – we don’t have a hedge, but we walk past this hedge everyday on the way to school. The kids love how the family have decorated it and they said I should share it on the blog, so if anyone has a hedge they could try it too!
Christmas decorating with kids IMG_5257

What have you been decorating for Christmas this year?