christmas gift ideas for kids under $30

2013 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids For Under $30

This post is part of my 10 Week Christmas Planning Series. Click here to read more posts – Christmas Planning 2013.

As we have been discussing saving money this Christmas, this year’s list of gift ideas only contains ideas for under $30! Feel free to add your ideas in the comments at the end, would love to add this list!


Even if kids currently have headphones, if they are anything like my kids, they will soon enough need a new pair. Kids tend to be pretty hard on headphones. Click on the links below to find out more info about them.

christmas gift ideas headphones.jpgFrom left to right:


A hat can be a great gift for all ages. Click on the links under the photo to see where I have sourced these images.
Christmas gift ideas for kids - hats collage
From left to right:

Old school toys

I remember loving these things as a kid! All of these products are able to be bought from Hard To Find. Hard To Find has a fantastic range of gifts for all ages and they offer free shipping in Australia and free gift wrapping on most products – perfect if you need to send the gift to someone interstate. Click on the links under the photo to read more about these toys.
christmas gift ideas - old school collage
From left to right:


A Christmas tradition we have at our house is that the kids all buy each other a book for Christmas. It works well so we have plenty of summer reading! I have recommended some favourites of my kids at the moment. Click on the links below to read more about the books.

christmas gift ideas - books collage
From left to right:

Something to do

I love it when the kids get gifts that not only do they love, but that help keep them quietly occupied! These are some things my kids love at the moment. Click on the links below to see where they are sourced.
christmas gift ideas for kids something to do collage
From left to right:

  • Usborne Activities: Summer Sticker Book – $12.99. The preschooler is sticker obsessed at the moment. This also makes a great activity for when traveling in the car for holidays.
  • Gift card box for girls – $25.95. Our daughter loves to draw, colour and make her own cards. This cute kit would be the perfect gift for her!
  • Trainer Leather Cricket Ball – $19.99. We have a couple tied to our clothes line and it is a great way for the boys to practice the cricket without smashing the windows!
  • Rubik’s 5X5 Cube – $20.99 (plus postage). The super tricky version of the Rubik’s cube would be a great challenge for older kids.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

In last week’s email newsletter (you can subscribe here if you aren’t already on the list!)I shared past posts I have written a number on gift ideas which I have also listed below for inspiration if you are after further ideas for presents for kids. Some of these ones will be over $30 though, but most are still in this price range.

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