Tips For Slowing Down The Pace

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In my weekly newsletter a couple of weeks ago, I shared three things I was going to change to help slow the pace down a little. They were:

  1. Revisit my weekly routine
  2. Pursuing my passion and being a mum
  3. Get more sleep

You can read the details about these changes here and I asked readers to share what changes they were going to make to slow down the pace of their life. If life is too busy for you at the moment, here is a collation of ideas for change from the lovely readers of Planning With Kids:

Single tasking

  • Just this weekend I had the pleasure of hearing Ilana Rubin, business woman extraordinaire, give a casual but thought provoking speech. I later discussed with her how one prioritises being passionate about your work and still being the best mum ever without the guilt that you’re neglecting one while doing the other. Her advice, although not new to me, was that where ever we are or what ever we’re doing to put in a 100% into that task. So if I have decided to spend time with the kids during the school holidays then that is where my focus should be and not to feel any guilt that I may be letting my business partners down by not being at work. This is day 1 of implementing this philosophy and I have to say, so far, it has been a much calmer day for me and for the kids. Surprisingly, we’ve all been productive. I even have time to write this.
  • Read this a while ago from you but am going to stop multi-tasking all the time and focus on a single task.
  • Click here to read more info on single tasking.


  • I am going to go to bed earlier and get up 30 minutes earlier, so I can have quiet time to myself. My husband works long hours and with three little ones, I never get a minute to myself during the day.
  • Turn off the TV and disconnect from technology an hour before I go to bed. I have been having trouble going to sleep and my GP suggested this.


  • Like you I eat and do other things at the same time. I am going to give myself a 30 minute lunch break, let the kids watch TV so I can eat in peace and quiet.
  • Not necessarily slowing the pace, but I am going to eliminate gluten from my diet.
  • Funny I should read your post today about things to change as I only just had my Dr tell me today she thinks I’m exhausted because I’m sleep deprived!! I am in my first year of teaching part-time with 2 kids so burning the midnight oil too often. I have promised my doctor I will aim for 8 – 9 hrs sleep every day of the school holidays. I also love your idea of a scheduled mindful break, I need some of these too! I have signed up to a 30 day green smoothie challenge to give my body a boost as well (via


  • I have just joined a gym and am going to put the kids in creche three days a week so I can fit in some exercise.
  • It has been over a year since I did a yoga class. I have signed up at my old school and going to start of with one session a week. I always felt better after yoga and hoping it will stop all the noise in my head too!!!!!


  • Meditation helps me stop, slow down and get in touch with how I am feeling. I spend the first 15 minutes of each day meditating.
  • I suffer from anxiety and am currently undertaking breathing exercises to help manage my emotions.
  • Each night I review my to do list and start a new one. I don’t beat myself up if I haven’t ticked the task off the list, but I feel calmer if I know what I have to do which makes going to sleep easier.

Over to you! Are you making any change to slow down the pace of your life at the moment?