Work, Study, Family – Tips On How To Manage Combining Them

This is my third and final instalment of updates from posts I am writing for Kidspot Village Voices this year called Inspiring everyday women. You can find my first wrap up here and the second collation of posts here. It is sponsored by SEEK Learning and is aimed at inspiring, encouraging and showing women how they might return to work or study if they have this on their list of things to do.

Taking advantage of technology to get organised

540 taking advantage of technology.jpg No one techno device or app can organise your life for you – how unreal would that be! But there are many tools that allow you to save time, get organised and keep on track. Read more….

Tips to make the most of working from home

540 working from home.jpg Working from home can seem like the perfect set up, but it can provide significant organisational challenges for family. Here is what I have learnt in my work from home experience. Read more….

Mixing school holidays with study and work

540 school holidays and work.jpg For some the thought of combining school holidays and work or study can seem overwhelming. But with some preparation and planning, you should be able to survive! Read more….

6 tips to make returning to study easier

540 returning to study.jpg Study with kids? Books to read, notes to take, assignments to complete on top of looking after the family? It can sound daunting. But like all big tasks, if you break it down bit by bit, it becomes much more manageable. And often if you have not studied for many years, it is also just a matter of getting your head around studying techniques. Read more….

How to fight the mid-year blues

540 mid year blues.jpg The house is a mess, the kids are wild, you are exhausted and you haven’t spent time alone with your partner in weeks. Sound familiar? These are often all symptoms of the mid year blues and we can show you how to give them the boot! Read more….

Celebrating the family’s achievements

540 celebrating family.jpg Making changes to family life when returning to work or study requires commitment from everyone – you, your partner and the kids. It is important to take time to acknowledge and celebrate this as well as the successes you have achieved. Read more….

Have you started work or study this year?