Playing With and Storing LEGO

We are very much on a playing with LEGO roll at our house at the moment. Today we made LEGO houses. I loved how patient the kids were at finding the right pieces they were after, how they looked out for pieces their siblings wanted and how they used their creativity.

playing with LEGO our houses 540
I actually enjoy playing with LEGO! I quite like sorting through the bricks looking for the pieces, it is sort of relaxing for me. The kids were far more imaginative than I was, but I did come in half way through their session.

playing with LEGO DSC01425
After I finished building the houses with them, the kids continued to play and changed the backdrop to the DUPLO pyramid they had made earlier in the week.

playing with LEGODSC01380
Since moving to a set up where we have a large box to contain the LEGO pieces when not in use, then using a large sheet to pour the LEGO out on to, I have found the kids are making much more creative and complex structures. I think they find it so much easier to find the pieces they are after.

I found the idea of using the sheet from the Planning With Kids facebook page when I asked about how others stored LEGO. I was contemplating buying some new storage for the LEGO, that would let us group the bricks in colour. But was wondering whether it would be like coloured play dough – the kids just mix it all in together anyway! So I asked if any one tried sorting LEGO into colour or other type of storage solution? There were so many great answers and you can read them here.  And yes many do sort LEGO bricks by colour or size.

playing with LEGO DSC01496
I felt the sheet idea was the cheapest (free because we already have them!) and the easiest for me to do. I also liked that it made the LEGO play more open ended. We will often leave the LEGO on the sheet for a couple of days. The kids know if it is to stay out, they need to make sure all the pieces of LEGO are on the sheet when they have finished a session.

playing with LEGO DSC01504
When it comes to pack up, it is a matter of picking up the sheet from the four corners, then tipping it back into the container.

playing with LEGO DSC01510

Do you like playing with LEGO? How do you store your LEGO?

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