Goal Setting and Time Management Tips

This is my second instalment of updates from posts I am writing for Kidspot Village Voices this year called Inspiring everyday women. You can find my first wrap up here. It is sponsored by SEEK Learning and is aimed at inspiring, encouraging and showing women how they might return to work or study if they have this on their list of things to do.

I am writing about the more practical side of things, while Maxabella is showing how she is returning to study and undertaking a Digital Photography Course . Kelly Exeter is sharing inspiring interviews with Australian women who are following their passion.

Here is a quick summary of the latest from me of achieving your goals and managing your time:

The best goal tracking tools to help you stay accountable

Simple goal tracking tools, online, apps and old school recording that can help you with your goal setting. Read more….

The real 3 Rs – routine, routine, routine

540 x 304 Routines-seekinspiration.jpg
Family routines work as the give you a solid foundation to work from, here are three family routines that will help get your family sorted. Read more….

How to keep going and achieve your dreams

3 Achieve_dreams_seek-learning_2
Pursuing your goals, like returning to work or study takes hard work. Here are some tips to help you get to it! Read more….

Helping the family manage change

4 How-to-help-the-family-manage-change-seekinspiration
Tips on how to plan and manage change with the family when you return to work. Read more….

Check-in time. Are you meeting your goals?

5 goalsinspiringeverydaywomen1
One quarter of the way through the year, time to check in and see how you are traveling. Look at what is working, what isn’t and what needs to change. Read more….

How to get out of the house on time

6 houseontimeinspiringeverydaywomen
Whether it be to head to work or head to your lecture, here are 4 tips to get you organised and out of the house on time. Read more….

Time management: Fitting it all in

7 timemagangeinspiringeverydaywomen-copy1
Fitting it all in? Of course not, well at least not all at the same time. Assess where you are spending your time and work out what you can prune to slow the pace down. Read more….

Making the most of your time

8 timeinspiringeverydaywomen
Feel time racing away while the to do list remains undone? Some simple tips to help you make the most of your time. Read more….

What about me?

9 whataboutmeinspiringeverydaywomen
What about me? Why time for you is important, how to plan to so it happens. Read more….

The evening rush

10 eveningrushinspiringeverydaywomen
Tips on how to implement strategies into your weekly life to ensure the evening rush has a sense of organised chaos as opposed to complete madness! Read more….

Win with SEEK Learning and Kidspot

11 Seek_post-image
Kidspot and SEEK Learning have a fab competition going at the moment (Australian residents only sorry) where you can choose from  a $2000 shopping spree, a $2000 gourmet temptation, a $2000 adventure experience and $2000 endless pampering.  To enter you need to head here  and in 30 words or less, let them know  “Who is your biggest supporter, and why?” Entries close 15:00pm AEST on 8 July 2013.

Have you returned to work or study recently – if so how are you going with it?