Monthly Review For November and an Apology

Back in September I started sharing other’s reviews for the month along with my own. The idea was to do this monthly until the end of the year. I found the addition of this to my workload along with an increase in time needed to help the kids over the last few months a little too much and I wasn’t able to follow through on it. So a sincere apology to those who were joining in. The experience has taught me quite a bit about being more realistic in how I add to my work load.

We are so close to the end of the year now and I would estimate that I have hit about 75% of my goals. December is always a tricky month for working towards your goals as it is so full of festive fun, that can be a little distracting. So my key tasks for December are all incredibly simple – I want to channel my learning and not over load myself!

Personal Goals – November Review

Key Tasks For NovReview Nov Activity
1. - BlogCreate download for survey and publish survey on the blogJust missed this for Nov, but as you would have read a couple of days ago, I have published the survey now!
2. - FamilyFocus on supporting the kids with school related activities.Nov saw lots of my time allocated to helping kids with school work and supporting their learning, meaning at times blogging took a back seat.
3. - PartnerHead out on our own.We certainly did that in November and a huge thanks to my mother in law who has babysat for us for the last three Saturday nights - we are very grateful.
4. - MeStick to recovery program and get back running.Still not running :(. Will be going back to see the experts again as I think it is taking longer than it should.

Personal Goals – Key Task For December

Goals for 2012Key Tasks For Dec
1. - BlogComplete make over of blog.Already from feedback in the survey I have some ideas on ways to improve the blog navigation further and I want to implement at least one of them before the end of the year.
2. - FamilyReintroduce a regular games night. (I am going to tweak this goal slightly. We have been able to really enjoy time as a whole family, being active and outdoors. With the ages of the kids and their energy, this has worked much better than a more sedentary activity like an indoor games night like I had wanted to try.)
Add netball practice into the games we play. Miss 9 received a netball ring for her birthday, so it will be fun for all of us to try it out.
3. - PartnerWeekend away on our own. (carry over from 2011!) (Tweaking this slightly too, to include doing more things together. Often due to kids activities etc we split up on the weekends, Mr I with the older kids and me with the younger ones. I want to find ways where we can decrease this.) We have a couple more nights out on our own this month which will be great, but it isn't quite the same as a couple of nights away on our own. Will be rescheduling that for next year!
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).I haven't tried new main meal recipes for a couple of months, so need to try a couple of new recipes that are low in carbs.

Do you over load yourself sometimes?