8 Times Tables

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8 Times Tables

Our daughter is in year 3 and this is the first year she has learnt times tables. Each week she needs to practice them at home and they have a test on Monday. They cannot move to the next set until they have 100% accuracy.

We have been doing a number of different types of activities as she has been making her way through the times tables. I have found the internet to be a great source of information for tricks and tips on learning tools.

There are many videos on You Tube which sing songs etc about times tables. None of those really appealed to our daughter, but when we came across this video, she immediately grabbed a pen and paper to try it out for herself.

This video explains a visual method of teaching multiplication using patterns. The video is by Mister Numbers and he has many, many videos on You Tube teaching multiplication patterns like this – based on right brain learning. You can read more about it on his Right Brain Math website.

My daughter works best in the mornings, so I have created a proforma for her to practice on. She will do them in the morning while I am at the gym and I will go over them with her when I get back.

8 times tables

You can download our 8 Times Tables activity proforma here – 8 times table wheel and table.

Additional resources:

  • Maths Zone – website with tips and worksheets on 8 times tables and other times tables.
  • Motion Math Wings – we have the full priced app ($8.49). There is a free version of this app and then you can upgrade stage by stage. As I have kids across different levels, it made sense to buy the entire package for us. This game has been great for helping improve my daughter’s speed overall in recalling her times tables.
  • King Of Maths – the kids have this on the school iPads they use in the classroom, so we bought it for home too. Basic version is free and the full version is $0.99. This app covers all maths areas from the basics of addition and subtraction to fractions and powers.

Are your kids learning their times tables yet?