How To Write A Biography – Upper Primary School Students

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How To Write A Biography

Master 11 is studying natural disasters at school at the moment. They need to complete two homework activities through out the week around this theme. There are a range of activities for them to choose from and this weekend he chose writing a biography of someone who had survived a natural disaster.

I asked him did he know how to write a biography, to which he replied something along the lines of “you just write lots of stuff about the person”. I suggested we work together to plan his biography first and he thought this was a good idea!

So I put together a process for him to follow to put together his biogprahy which looks like this:

Master 11 found the look of this quite daunting at first. Once I explained the different steps to him and how if he just broke it down to:

  • Note-taking
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing

it really wasn’t that complex.

He set about the task and worked really hard:

How To Write A Biography

He researched and took notes. I have found taking notes and encouraging dot points in handwriting helps prevent the “copy and paste” syndrome.

How To Write A Biography

He wrote his plan.

How To Write A Biography

He wrote his first draft. He then used the editing checklist and made a second and third draft.

You could see he was very proud of his end result. It did take him much longer than he thought and I was impressed at the time he spent on the homework activity. Learning a variety of writing styles is important and it was great to see him take on a writing challenge that was completely new to him.

What tips do you give your kids for writing a biography?

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