Home Organisation Tips – Vol. 1


Today’s post is completely inspired by my finds on Pinterest. Pinterest if you aren’t aware is a pinboard style photo sharing website. It is a great way to book mark websites and image that you like. You can create boards to store like images together. If you are on Pinterest you can follow my boards here.

The above image which shows an amazing command centre for families is from my household tips board, as the rest of the images in this post are. These organisers are made by inorder2organize and can be purchased from their Etsy store.


What a super way to organise the Barbies or other similar type toys. This image was originally from Container Store and you can buy over the door shoe bags online from them.


With five kids we have so much LEGO and so many instructions. This photo is by Meredith from My 4 Boys, who shows a very clever way to store LEGO instructions.

Did you know that you can search for replacement instructions by set number, key word or brand on the LEGO website? They have over 3300 building instructions available online which date back to sets packed in 2002.

Source: bhg.com via katepickle on Pinterest


Ever have trouble finding your lids for your containers? Using CD racks is a pretty cool idea to solve this problem. The original image comes from Better Homes and Gardens. Click through to see the full article it comes from. It is a part of a 12-month plan focusing on improving the storage in just one room each month.

Source: chicaandjo.com via Vicky on Pinterest


Chica and Jo show you how you can use simple stationary items to get organised around the house.

Do you have a creative home organisation tip you would like to share?