Starting Preschool

Preschool Morning Routine

Our youngest child starts preschool this year. When I come back from my online holiday, I will be work with our three year old to create a preschool morning routine for him.

These routine charts really help the child to become responsible for getting themselves organised in the morning. I have found the more you involve them with getting ready for preschool, by doing things like creating a chart with them, the more they will take on.

For full details on how to create a preschooler morning routine chart and to download a free template click here – Preschool Morning Routine.

It is going to be a strange year for me this year – it will be the first time I have had one child at home for about 13 years and even he will be attending preschool. As much as I will love the time to work during the day and reclaim some of my nights to read and chat with my lovely husband, I have to admit to a sense of loss.

This is our last child and now he is entering the education system. My past experience with kids is that once into the education system, things all seem to speed up. Before I know it he will be in school. Can’t quite imagine that yet though – not sure I want too!

Do you have a child starting preschooler starting school this year and if yes, how do you feel about it?