I said hey, what’s goin’ on……..

At a party infamously known as the Rae Street Massacre (an annual party at a share house in Rae St Fitzroy, Melbourne), I once played this song by the 4 Non Blondes so much, nearly everyone wanted to lock me in a cupboard! I still do love this song (click through if you can’t see the video). It always reminds me of my dear friend Cath and I screaming out “I said hey, what’s goin’ on” at the top of our voices.

Today’s post would usually be a wrap up of kids activities in Melbourne for the next month, but I wanted to let you know about a few things that are goin’ on here at Planning With Kids.

L.A. here I come

Blog World Expo LA
Next week I am flying to Los Angeles to BlogWorld & New Media Expo being held in L.A. from Nov. 3 – 5. It will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn more about the craft of blogging, meet bloggers from all over the world and of course do a little bit of shopping. Go the Aussie dollar!

So from Nov 1 – 9, I will be online, but with a reduced capacity to respond to emails and comments. I am hoping to be able to share some of my experiences through photos with you, so keep an eye out!

The biggest thank you to my most beautiful and supportive husband who will be taking leave from work to look after the family in my absence. If it wasn’t for his encouragement I wouldn’t be heading off to LA. Mr I is without a doubt the best person I know and I adore him.

Unfortunately the timing of this conference does clash with my dear friend Cath’s 40th birthday, which I am super sad to be missing…..

Sponsored Posts

If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I occasionally publish sponsored posts on the blog. To help fund the trip to LA there maybe a couple more than usual before Christmas. I am very discerning about the sponsored posts I take on and will only do ones that I know I can genuinely support. You can find my full disclosure policy here.

Comments Policy

I have also recently published a comments policy for Planning With Kids. It is very simple and just outlines my philosophy on enjoying discussion without getting personal. You can see full details here.

Guest Posts and Reviews

Other than the guest posts and reviews I have already accepted, I am not taking on any more for the time being. I have been receiving so many requests of both lately, that I was finding managing them quite difficult, so have decided to not accept any. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever have them again, but they will come from me seeking them out on topics I want to cover on the blog.

New Font

If you are reading via email or reader, take a quick stop in on the blog to check out the new font. I think it is much easier to read now. This was just one of the many tips that I picked up from the Problogger Training Day on Friday. There will be a few more small changes coming over the next couple of months.

Thank You

The blog has grown by over 50% this year and has brought me so many amazing opportunities. Thank YOU for reading the blog. Without readers, none of this would have happened and I truly appreciate that you choose to spend some of your time, reading Planning With Kids – thanks so much!

Enough of me, how about you? What’s going’ on?