10 New (to me!) Aussie Mummy Bloggers

The community of Aussie Mummy Bloggers is ever growing. I know I wouldn’t be aware of even half of the Aussie Mum Blogs that are out there, but this year already I have come across so many great blogs. Most of the 10 listed are new (less than 12 months) but if they are older, they are still new to me!

If you are a new Aussie Mum Blogger or know of one, please a url in the comments to your favourite post from that blog. On Friday I will then add all the links at the end of this post – it will make great weekend reading!

New Aussie Mummy Bloggers

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
It was hard to choose a favourite post from Sarah Kaye’s Home – so many of her posts have made me cry. I decide on “Welcome To Holland” as I thought it best summed up the current experience of this lovely family:

And for the rest of your life you will say “Yes, that’s where i was supposed to go. That’s what i planned.” And the pain of that will never, ever, ever, ever go away. And you must accept that pain because the loss of that dream is a very, very significant loss.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
The Modern Family is written by Dr Bron who is a lecturer at ECU in Perth. Dr Bron runs a research program on various aspects of parenting and resilience. The first post I read on this blog was Stay at Home Mums Versus Employed Mums. It is without doubt the most balanced, articulate and well researched piece of writing I have read in the blogosphere on this topic. I really wish this post could get a run in main stream media:

Since the late 1990s in Australia, women have been pressured to have children through industrial, welfare, childcare, taxation and legal changes, but they are still without paid maternity leave, which ultimately limits women’s options. However, both working mothers (who are seen to neglect their children) and stay-at-home mothers (‘just a mother’) fail in their roles; stay-at-home mothers have lower status, but stand on higher moral ground than working mothers. The term ‘working mother’ is a double edged sword; it implies that childcare is not work, and its use as a derogatory term implies neglect of maternal duties.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
And on a very different Mummy Blogging topic, we have Fox in Flats. I have always loved pig tails and do occasionally still wear them (even if it is just in the house). Andrea however has now given me full permission to wear them outside with this post 5 pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for your daughter.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
Alice Becomes has two bloggers behind it Gill and Nic. These two lovely ladies from Margaret River have a warm and engaging blog. A recent favourite for me is Effortless Doing versus Bisy Backson

Basically a Bisy Backson confuses busyness with getting things done. The phrase running round like a headless chook springs to mind.

I am an accomplished Bisy Backson. I am really really good at rushing around doing not much at all.

Busy being terribly busy doesn’t get much done. So, for this Tuesday’s Organisation Update? Simply, I am doing less

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
The Happy Home is written by Belinda Graham is a freelance writer for Real Living, Shop 4 kids and other mags. I have to say though I love her blog because it always looks so pretty! Like this post finally: imogen’s nursery corner, my babies never had a room quite so special!

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
Sonia from Light Shade of Green is another lovely Melbourne Mum Blogger and one I have had the pleasure to meet. Sonia blogs about enriching family life through simple living and simple pleasures. She posts lots of great recipes and tips on food like in this post Kids and Nutrition:

I’ve made it a point to teach my kids how important colour is in their meals.

Orange is good, red is better, green is best.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers

I could relate only to well to this post from City Hippy Farm Girl – Taunting newspapers and Banana Oat Bars

I love reading the Saturday paper, but sometimes I simply have to just not buy it. The pressure to read the thing is too much. Who needs that kind of added pressure? A pile of papers slowly mounting up on the table, taunting me in its silence. If the paper could talk I’m sure it would be whispering.
You haven’t read me yet, have you…
I’m still here…you’ve walked by again and I’m still neatly folded.
Come on now, it’s nearly Friday, and I’m still very much unread…
You know what tomorrow is don’t you…paper day, again.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
Martine is also from Melbourne and blogs about surviving and even thriving in the modern world of parenting. Her blog The Modern Parent covers many of the harder issues of family life like Equality is not always the answer. Why we cant always be fair…:

It is for this reason that we must continue to develop in our children the skills and resilient coping strategies to ‘move on’, even when the world seems to be ‘ganging up on them’ and refusing to play fair.

Aussie Mummy Bloggers

Frog, Goose and Bear is full of wonderful and inspiring ideas. I love this one – DIY Bubblebath – from Emma

Aussie Mummy Bloggers
Blogger Caz Makepeace has been travel blogging for sometime, but has recently started a mummy blog. As Aussie Mummy Blogging grows, so do the “awards” and I think this post is Lessons From Not Winning gives fabulous perspective on a very thorny blogging issue.

I also really don’t like having to adhere to a set of rules. I don’t like the pressure that comes from having to write or act in a certain way and the further the competition ran the more cynical I became about the real winners- Ford- and all that free promotion they were getting. I really liked the way Maxabella Loves approached her entry post, and I wished I did the same.

I don’t like competing against others. I believe more in co-operation than competition. I think there is room for everyone at the top and we can help each other get there. This gives me more satisfaction.

Keep an eye out for later in June for a great guest post from Caz – Mojito Mother on Planning With Kids.

So as I said earlier, feel free to leave the url of a great post from a new Aussie Mummy Blogger and I will update the post on Friday, so it is easy for everyone to visit them. Thanks, Nic!


Thanks for the suggestions! Here are some more new Aussie Mummy Bloggers you might like to check out: