Memory card game – how to make your own

Memory card game

Memory is a great game kids can play on their own.

My daughter made these memory cards in a previous school holidays and our preschooler made a set of dog snap cards. They are very easy to make and the kids practice all sorts of skills along the way like:

  • decison making – what theme for the cards and choosing the pictures to use
  • maths (measuring) – how wide is the backing card and what size do the pictures have to be to fit on
  • fine motor – cutting and pasting
  • patience and persistence – it takes a while to make the game and it takes applied concentration to stick to the task to completion
Memory card game

We used old paint colour cards given to us by a friend as backing.

Find a quantity of card stock that will allow you to make 36 cards. It needs to be all the same so as no one particular card can be easily identifiable. A friend has given us packets and packet of old paint colour cards, these were perfect. Measure the size of your card so you know how big your pictures need to be.

Memory card game

Cutting out the chosen pictures.

Choose a theme for your cards. My daughter chose cats. We then used google images to find pictures of cats and put them into a word document. Once we had our 18 pictures we printed out two copies of each and then began the task of cutting them out. If you want to make snap, you will need nine pictures and print them out four times.

Memory card game

Glue sticks work well for this project.

Once cut, use a glue stick to attach the picture to the card. We found a glue stick worked well as it didn’t “wet” the paper too much and was easier for the younger kids to use.

Memory card game

Playing memory.

Wait for the cards to dry, then the kids can either play the card game by themselves or with each other.

What have you been making these school holidays?