Travelling With Kids Overseas – Getting Ready

This holidays, thanks in part to the crew at Nuffnang, we are going to be taking a short family holiday to Hong Kong. This will be the first time we have travelled internationally with all the kids. Needless to say they are very, very excited. To get the kids ready for the trip, I have been doing a little bit of preparation!

Letting them know!

We had known for some time we were going to heading to Hong Kong, but left it until less than two weeks before our departure date to tell the kids (with the exception of the oldest, who had to sign for his passport). For something so exciting for the younger ones, I wasn’t sure I could cope with a prolonged countdown! We told them at a family meeting and I had also made a handout for the younger kids, which included:

  • the name of the country we were going to and pictures of the main attractions
  • a map showing where we live, with an arrow to where we would be going
  • a mini calendar with the countdown marked on it until we go and the days we will be away shaded in.

This little pack worked incredibly well – I didn’t have to answer the same questions 100 times and when the preschooler asks how many sleeps, I refer him back to his calendar. The seven and four year old even tuck it under their pillows at night time!

Time Difference

When we go the time difference between Hong Kong and Melbourne will be two hours. I thought the best way to explain this to the kids was by examples:

In Hong Kong it is:Then in Melbourne it would be:
7.00am Wake Up9.00am Playing
1.00pm Lunch3.00pm Afternoon Tea
5.30pm Dinner7.30pm Bed
7.30pm Bed9.30pm Sound Asleep


Travelling To Hong Kong With Kids
Talking to the kids about the weather in Hong Kong was the perfect way to also discuss hemispheres. Hong Kong is in the northern hemisphere so runs in opposite seasons to Australia.

Weather in Hong Kong in April is mainly sunny with relatively low humidity, making the month one of the best to visit the city. The average temperature for April in Hong Kong is a warming, but not suffocating 22C (72). Source


Currently the conversion rate from Aussie Dollars is 1.00 AUD = 8.07688 HKD. These numbers don’t mean much in itself to kids, so again an example was the best way to explain it:

Exchange Rate (from AUD)$1.00=8.08 HKD
Drink$2.00=16.15 HKD
Sandwich$6.00=48.49 HKD
CD$19.95=161.13 HKD

Common Phrases

While our trip is quite short and won’t really require the kids to learn Cantonese, I am going to try to get them (and me) to learn some basic manners – hello, please, thank you, good bye etc.

Local Attractions

I have been taking the kids through the fantastic Little Steps website. Little Steps is a free email newsletter and website devoted to delivering the inside scoop on what to do, buy, and discover in Hong Kong and beyond. Founder Shea Stanley, was kind enough to include me in their list of Asia’s Top Mom Blogs! Thanks Shea also for your fab tips and advice on accomadation.

The reviews of the activities were great for the kids to look at. Other websites we looked at were focused on what adults would like. The kids have highlighted places they would like to go – now we just need to make a short list of what we can fit in!

Information Pack

I collated all this info in a slide pack for the kids. I have attached it below to download if you happen to be going to Hong Kong too!

Travelling With Kids to Hong Kong – PWK (1MB Powerpoint)

With all this sorted with the kids, now we just need to get packing! How do you prepare your kids for travelling overseas?