Kell over at 1000 Homes of Happiness has a very unique project going on. Kell and her family are making 1000 origami homes of happiness, which one by one, they leave at special places for a stranger to find and enjoy. Each home has a written word on them, which either comes from her family or from someone like me who has decided to join in.

I emailed Kell and asked to be a part of her project over the summer holidays. It has taken me a little while to find the right place to release our home, but we finally did it. On Friday night the whole family went to watch the Melbourne Rebels play their first official Super Rugby game. This seemed a most fitting place to release our little home which I named “teamwork“. We placed it on pole outside the stadium, looking out towards Gosch’s Paddock.

I named it teamwork as a nod to my family and friends who have helped, supported and understood my crazyiness over the last couple of months while finishing my manuscript. Just as it takes many more than the 15 players you seen on the field to get a rugby side ready to play, although my name will be on the front cover of my book, without the help of many, I could never have completed it.

Super big hugs and kisses to Mr I and the kids – thanks so much!

NB. The Rebels were sadly trounced by the Waratahs, but we still had a great time. Thanks to the fab guys sitting behind us whose chants and commentary made us laugh and even got the toddler chanting for the Rebels.