Summer Blog Reading

My blog is now officially 3 years old! I love blogging now just as much (if not more) as when I started. Over the last couple of years around this time I have listed the most popular posts for the past year, but I am doing something different this year.

The last couple of months of 2010 were super busy for me and I read less blogs and commented on very few blogs. I missed the interaction. So this post is highlighting some new blogs that I have found and enjoyed reading even if I haven’t commented very much 🙂 .

Keep Cate Busy

Don’t you just love it when your friends start blogging???? Cate has been blogging since September and has managed to post every day – so impressive. Cate shares great recipes, craft ideas and ways to make your day a little bit more special.
My favourite post of the moment: Simplicity is the key

Maxabella Loves

I have linked to Maxabella Loves before, but had to include it in this list too. So often her posts make me reflect on what is going on in my head. Like my current favourite post in which Maxabella talks about her ‘career’ and wanting to be “a something” and not “in something”.
My favourite post of the moment: When I grow up I want to be a something…

1000 Homes Of Happiness

Kell with the help of her kids is making 1000 origami homes of happiness and leaving them at their favourite places for a lucky person to find. Each home has a word on it. I have emailed Kell so I can release a home with my kids this holidays.
My favourite post of the moment: Competition

My Shoebox Life

Shelley is a new first time mum and also full time nanny. She shares some lovely reflections on her blog like in my current favourite post about her realisation that each day we are creating beautiful memories.
My favourite post of the moment: My Monday Epiphany


Rachel shares amazing stuff that she finds on the internet and from her own life. I don’t search much online other than blogs, so is fantastic to have these gems arrive in my reader.
My favourite post of the moment: Family Photo Cards


Sarah is having a little bloggy break at the moment as she has her fourth child, but there is plenty in her archives to check out though. A kindred spirit with love of lists and organisation!
My favourite post of the moment: 5 ways I trick myself into acting like a grown up

The Truth About Mummy

A mum to 3 in rural Victoria, sharing her challenges and joys that being a stay a home mum brings. Like her timely post below when everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year.
My favourite post of the moment: Passion Envy

Eco Mother Into Living Fair

Meagan is a mum taking steps towards a more sustainable, compassionate and conscious life. Lots of inspiration on small things to do that can make a difference.
My favourite post of the moment: the most lovely sharing ritual

Little Eco Footprints

“We don’t have Little eco footprints yet – but we’re having fun trying.” Tricia lives in Newcastle (NSW) and take gorgeous photos of her eco friendly crafts, play ideas and much more.
My favourite post of the moment: Taking care of my most important eco asset

The Mother Media

A blogging type blog to end with. A very new blog by a friend Brenda looking at the growing power of the mummy blogging niche.
My favourite post of the moment: Who reads this stuff anyway?

If you have a fave new blog (less than 12 months old) I would love it if you would list it in the comments and feel free to add your own if you have one!