Gluten Free Snack Ideas for Kids

This super helpful post is from Nellbe @ Nellbe’s Gluten Free Kitchen. Nellbe writes about being a mum and being gluten free.

It seems now, the reality of knowing someone with food intolerances is more common place. It also seems to be happening when people are younger. I was in my 30’s when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease but you will find that your children, if they don’t have intolerances themselves, will more than likely have friends who do.

If you have had no experience of supplying gluten free food, when the children are having playdates or birthday parties, you may worry about what to give them food wise. It can be daunting and you may not know where to start, but here are some easy snack ideas that you can try and they will work perfectly for play dates or parties or BBQs.

1. Rice Crackers and Dip

Rice crackers are found pretty much everywhere and if you stick with the plain flavour youíll be pretty much safe. However dips are not as easy and it does depend on the brand. So check the ingredients and make sure there is no wheat or gluten. It will say on the container if there is.

2. Homemade Popcorn

When I say homemade, I mean pop yourself from the kernels. Don’t buy the microwave packet, as almost all have wheat or gluten in them. We have a popcorn maker at home, they are relatively cheap to buy if you don’t feel safe cooking it on the stove.

3. Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Use any combination of fresh fruit you like, strawberries, grapes, orange, apple, banana, kiwi, water melon or cantaloupe. Thread onto skewers or toothpicks. If you are worried about the fruit going brown then sprinkle it with lemon juice.

4. Cheese and Veggie Platter

This is one of my favourites to serve. Cut up celery, carrots, capsicum and serve with cherry tomatoes and cubed cheddar cheese. Simple and healthy.

5. Rice Cakes

They are pretty bland but some kids like them plain, most brands are gluten free, I use Real Food Thins, found in the biscuit aisle. Spread with mashed avocado and sliced tomato.

6. Dried Fruit and Nuts

If the children are old enough, plain unsalted nuts are yummy. Team with dried fruit and it’s a good snack. (make sure there are no nut allergies though!)

And of course there is always room for treats in moderation!

7. Cupcakes and Cakes

If you don’t usually cook gluten free and you wanted to bake a cake or cupcakes, by all means do it but I would recommend that you buy a packet mix and make that up. It saves you having to worry about buying different gluten free flours and making sure you don’t contaminate anything.

Gluten Free Cake packet mixes can be found in the health food section of all major supermarkets. If you buy one that needs butter or margarine with, make sure you use a new tub as you don’t want to mix in your toast crumbs from your tub into a gluten free mix.

8. Biscuits/Cookies

They can generally be found in the health food section. There is normally a range of chocolate or coconut or even some aimed for the kids. Be sure the packet says gluten free.

But if you are feeling game and want to try cooking some yourself here are a couple of easy kid friendly recipes that would be perfect for snacks:

9. Lollies

Wheat and gluten are found in the strangest of places. One of them being bagged lollies. If you want to serve gluten free lollies head to Woolworths as they have a Select brand that are gluten free. They are found in the actual bagged lolly section.

10. Icy poles and Ice cream

As summer is approaching it is nice to serve an icy pole or some ice cream for a cool treat. There are some brands that are gluten free. Icy poles – I just get the Coles homebrand and for Ice Cream – Cadbury and Bulla are both ok. There are others that are fine as well – just check ingredients.

11. Chocolate

Sometimes a gathering cannot be complete without a little bit of chocolate. Plain Freddos are great. Nicole’s Homemade Chocolate Freckles are perfect – just make sure the 100’s and 1000’s are gluten free.

The best drink to offer is water. You cannot go wrong with that. And one last piece of advice, if in doubt, just leave it out.

What gluten free snacks have you served to kids that were a hit?

(From PQ: Nellbe recently put on a Gluten Free Birthday party for her son’s first birthday. You should definitely check out the wonderful spread she put together for her family – and it was all gluten free and very tasty!)

Image by D Sharon Pruitt