Kidspot Top 50 Blog Your Way To Dunk Island – An Acrostic Poem

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kidspot are running a competition which gives the Top 50 bloggers a chance to win a trip to Dunk Island for 7 days. The trip is for two adults and two children though – our family rarely fits into the standard family packages, but we have grown pretty used to that!!! When I told the kids about this opportunity and assured that them that if we won no one would be left behind, I also asked them for their help with this post.

We are not the regular out of state holidayers. I have family in Mildura and we drive there regularly for our holidays. We have had a trip to the snow and to Sydney in the last year, which is the most travel we have done for quite a long time. But as I found out when I asked the kids what does a holiday mean to them, it is not always about the fancy places you go. It is about the people you visit, it is about a change of scenery and it is about being together as a family.

With three children in primary school, the acrostic poem is quite popular in our house :). When we worked out that holiday had seven letters – just like the number of people in our family, it was obvious to the kids that to explain what a family holiday means to us, that we should do it via an acrostic poem.

For us writing the poem symbolised how we approach family holidays, everyone contributes, we work together to make it happen and we share the joy!

Family Holiday

Do you get the chance to have regular holidays with your family? Does this mean traveling far or like us do you make the most of visiting family and friends within driving distance?

Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers

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