New Aussie Mum Blogs To Read

Over the last few months I have been active over at Aussie Mummy Bloggers. It is a ning group created by the wonderful Veronica and Brenda. If you are a mum blogger in Australia and are not yet a member I encourage you to head over straight away and join us. It is a wonderful, encouraging and supprotive community.

Through AMB I have met so many new bloggers. I haven’t been commenting as much on other blogs as I would like – that old chestnut of time getting in the way, but I am reading lots of new blogs. So for this month’s round up post I wanted to share some new Aussie Mum Bloggers that I am enjoying at the moment. It was hard to limit the list to 10, but the ones on the list are all new to me, some of them may have been publishing for a while, but I just had not been fortunate to come across them until recently!

1. Help! Mum

Help! Mum is written by Tenille who is a web administrator and copy writer. On her blog she writes about her learnings as parent and working on a sibling for her beautiful toddler. A stand out post for me is a most recent one titled The Time In-Between. It is beautifully written post describing the emotional swings that IVF treatment can put you through.

2. Maxabella Loves

Maxabella describes herself with “I love working and mumming and combining the two as artfully as possible.” Her blog is very pretty to look at I love how she expresses her opinions. Her post Are we women our own worst enemy? is a perfect example of this. If you missed the whole Jacinta Tynan episode, I recommended forgetting about it and reading this post instead.

3. Veronica Foale

Veronica has a couple of blogs and this one is her writing blog. I love reading it because it always gives me something to think about. Like this recent one Notice Me! Notice Me!.

4. Little People Books

This blog is written by Zoey who also has more than one blog. On this blog she reviews children’s and parenting books. A recent guest post had a fabulous idea on how you can make a Learning Book with your child.

5. Amelia Hunter

Amelia’s blog is only a couple of months old, but already has some beautifully written pieces. I loved BIG is beautiful for its honesty, self reflection and for its sense of optimism.

6. Relish, my Relish

I have had the pleasure to meet Del in person as she is another Melbourne blogger. Although she is not currently in Melbourne as she is off trekking the Kokoda track. Read her honest post about the confliction she felt as she said goodbye to her teary daughter in Heartbroken.

7. The Things I’d Tell You

Melissa writes beautifully and her recent post Salt, describing the sadness in her son as he doesn’t want to go to school and how that sad makes her feel is so raw with emotion.

8. Nellbe’s Scribblings

Nellbe has just moved over to a self hosted blog, which is always a challenge for a blogger! Especially for a blogger who isn’t getting much sleep, courtesy of her beautiful baby boy. Sleep can seem like gold sometimes and can understand how Nellbe feels in Sleep, oh how I love thee.

9. Australia Family Style

This blog has only been going for a couple of months, but Leanne already has it jam packed with excellent information for families who are travelling with kids. If you are in cold Melbourne like me, head over to her post Tropical holidays for families and daydream of warmer weather!

10. Under The Yardarm

Naomi is also a Melbourne blogger and writer. A recent post Putting it out thereā€¦ reminded me of something that I think I have let go of for a while. Sure I might plan and set goals, but what are my dreams???

Who have you been reading and what is there a post you would like to recommend? If so I would love it if you would do so in the comments!

Image by Ed Yourdon