red and white christmas table setting

Christmas Themes Ideas For 2010

Last year I wrote about how for the first time I chose a theme for Christmas. It was very simple and based on colours- red, green and silver. I really liked having a theme for the following reasons:

  • It aides decision making process, in relation to things like cards, decorations, wrappings etc.
  • It helps can simplify what Christmas accessories you make / buy for the house.
  • It allows for simple and coordinated look for Christmas celebrations.
  • It adds to the memory – it was the gold Christmas etc!!!

I have decided that I will go with a Natural Theme for 2010. Aesthetically it is very pleasing and it is also a theme that doesn’t have such a large impact on the environment either. It may seem a little early to be talking about Christmas themes now, but working on a theme, (particularly a natural theme) in advance means that we will have time to hand make the necessary items and look out for the required natural materials in the months leading up to Christmas.

Natural Christmas Theme

So what do I have planned for our Natural Theme this Christmas? I have already found a few things that I have added to my to do list over the next couple of months. You will note that there is a bird motif entwined with the natural theme which is a nice fit for our family nick name!

Felt Dove
Felt Dove - Natural Christmas Theme
With confidence from our first attempt at a softie with our Silhouette Bunny, my daughter and I will make some felt doves for our tree and as Christmas Gifts for others. Image and tutorial from Bella Dia.

Pine Cone Wreath

I found this beautiful example of a pine cone wreath at Pixie Peg Crafts. We can start to collect pines cones to make a Christmas wreath (circular) for the front door. I will also experiment for one an ornament for the table as well.

Gift Wrapping
I have a couple of ideas that I am going to explore:

Christmas Newspaper Wrapping

Christmas Gift Tags
Christmas Gift Tags Brown Paper
Depending on the wrapping paper option that I choose, I will either make these very cute Christmas Gift Tags from Paperseed on recycled card stock. Or create my own recycled Christmas Gift Tags from cardboard boxes and newspaper.

In my travels over the internet I did also find some other great themes that you might like to choose yourself for Christmas 2010:

Blue and Silver Christmas Theme

blue and silver christmas theme

  • Interior Design It Yourself has a comprehensive guide as to how to decorate in blue and silver as illustrated in the example above.
  • blue and silver christmas theme ornament

  • Martha Stewart has a click and print tutorial on how to make your own Christmas decoration as illustrated above.
  • blue and silver christmas wrapping ideas

  • Stay put gift tags are a great idea if like me you have little ones who enjoy pulling tags off! This tutorial is also from Martha Stewart.

Red and White Christmas Theme

I love red and white – dots or stripes it always looks so clean and fresh.

You can also see additional Christmas Theme Ideas in my post last year which included:

  • Non traditional Bright Colours (Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange etc).
  • Raw / Natural Theme
  • Red, Green and Silver

Have you chosen a theme for Christmas this year? If so I would love to hear what it is!