Reflections On A New Baby – 12 Months On

This will be the last in my reflections posts. Our beautiful baby turned one late in January. In that very quick year he has brought such immense joy to the whole family. It isn’t without sadness that I say goodbye to the first year of his life.

Here are some things that I will remember about him at this age:

  • The gorgeous tottering around the house, with such a look of pride on his face because he can now walk.
  • His love of dirt – squishing it in his hands, wriggling his toes in it or eating it!
  • How he already has such an incredibly sense of belonging to his pack! He cries if all his siblings leave at once and he is left home.
  • Insatiable interest. He is the first of our 5 babies that I have had to buy cupboard locks for. He loves to open any cupboard, empty it completely of its contents and then if there is room to, hop in it.
  • His ability to keep going happily, even when the family schedule has deprived him of sleep.
  • The way he laughs as he plays with his brothers and sisters and how happy he is just to be with them.
  • His love of 5.30am!!!

Wishing you much happiness for your next year of life, sweet little one. xxxx