Children’s Handmade Christmas Cards 2009

Prep Handmade Christmas Card

If you are trying to get organised for Christmas, check out my 10 Week Christmas Plan. This post sees us with only 6 weeks left until Christmas!

Since the children have been at school, they have given out Christmas Cards to their class mates at the end of the year. Last year my 9 year old at the time did grumble some what about having to give out Christmas Cards, at the time I said that he should do it this year and we can talk about whether he needs to do it for next year at another point.

Well “another point” raised its head this week, when we started on the process of making the children’s Christmas Cards. I had given this issue some thought and was prepared to take his lead on this issue – I wouldn’t make him do Christmas Cards if he didn’t want to. So as he told me in a very determined way that he believed he was too old to have to do this and none of his friends gave out Christmas Cards, I think I surprised him when I said “no worries then, you don’t have to make a card if you don’t want to.”!

This was not the end of the matter though, as my year 2 son then complained as to why did he have to do them if his brother didn’t? Before I could answer the 10 year old chimed in very quickly to point out that “I sent out Christmas Cards until year 4, so you should have to.” I thought my year 2 boy would no take this at all, but he seemed to just cop it on the chin and set out about drawing a design for his card. He did however say that he didn’t want to put his card on the blog and I am cognisant of the fact that it is his right not to have his work published, so you will only see my daughters card, who was happy with her drawing being on the blog. This year’s Christmas Card process was full of more issues than I had ever imagined!

This year as we have a new printer with a scanner function, we are simply scanning the drawings and then printing them on to card. If you don’t have a scanner, check out my last year’s post on Children’s Handmade Christmas Cards for other options were we used the Paint application on their PC and for Mac users like myself you can download Tux Paint to use instead.

Here is the word document template that I inserted the picture into: Children’s Christmas Card Template. I adjusted the size so that we could print out smaller cards (four per A4 size of cardboard).

So tell me, do your children give out Christmas Cards to their friends?

The family Christmas Card has been much easier than the kids cards, with big thanks to the lovely Kate for making it that way. Kate also designed our last year’s card which was incredibly gorgeous. In the last month I have visited two homes and have seen our last year’s Christmas Card still on show! (And they weren’t actually family’s houses either!) I will just have to find time to write on all of them when they come back from the printers. 🙂

What sort of Christmas cards do you do?